Friday, December 21, 2012

Frosty: A Kid Lunch

Just popping in real quick to share today's Fun Food Friday lunch, and then I'm back to it.

We have something going on every night from here on out.  Thankfully, I feel like I've pretty much got everything under control.  And the things that don't get done, weren't that important in the whole scheme of things anyway.

Today's lunch was super quick and super easy, but still passed kid inspection.

Smear some cream cheese on a toasted bagel, stick a baby carrot in the middle, add some raisins for a mouth, some eyes, stick it on a Christmas plate, and you're done.  I made two in about five minutes.

Here's today's silly kid lunch:

Now I'm off to a shower before Baby wakes up.
Maybe I'll actually get both legs shaved today.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. Mindy, That is a really cute idea for a bagel. I love it. What did you use for the eyes? I hope you got both legs shaved! xo Diana

  2. I've been having that same dilemma since puppy came,....I've taken to doing both bottoms one day and them both tops the next day, lol. Cute lunch.


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