Friday, December 14, 2012

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: A Kid Lunch

I couldn't get to the school fast enough today to pick up The Kid.  From the time I turned on the news, to the time I walked out the door, felt like days.  I just kept looking at the clock.

First, earlier this week, we had the mall shooting.  Horrendous.  It's just miles from my house.  The woman killed lived two blocks up from us and her son goes to my son's school.  Gut-wrenching to think about what that family is going through.

Then, there was today.  The school shooting in Connecticut.  Mostly little kids in their first year of school.  I just can't fathom it.  Those parents racing to the school waiting for the kids to emerge, only to learn their babies are dead.  Gunned down where they're supposed to be safe.  Horrific.  I just sat in front of the TV crying.  Disgusted over the act of that worthless human being, who can't even be punished.  Or be forced to live with what he did.  It sickens me.  The number of lives that were changed in an instant.  I just can't get over the magnitude of how horrible it is.  My heart aches for those families.

While I was still living in the land of unknowing, and had yet to turn on the news, I made The Girl her Fun Food Friday lunch.  I saw this Rudolph lunch the other day and kinda went off that.

I used a circle cutter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for his face.  His eyes and nose are candy.  Pretzel ears.  Salami antlers.  Pickles and red bell pepper for the holly leaves and berries around the rim.

Here's today's silly lunch:

Go hug your kids!


  1. I cannot even imagine the pain those parents must be feeling. I had to turn off the tv yesterday because I couldn't stop crying either. Give The Kid, The Girl and The Baby a big hug and smooch from me. Give yourself a hug from me too. xo

  2. Hugs to you too! The events of this week have just left me numb and drained. The Mall shooting was bad enough, but then the school....I can't even wrap my head around it. So much loss for no reason.

  3. Just horrible. Both events. These events hit so close to home for all of us - sending hugs your way from one mom to another.


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