Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well, it came and went in a whirlwind, like it always does.

Christmas Eve, for us, was spent finishing up some last minute things, delivering goodie plates to all the neighbors, eating dinner at my mom's, then tucking the kids in at home, with the anticipation of Santa's visit.

After Santa came, I got out of bed and snuck out to the living room to take pictures of what he had left.

The Kid woke us up early Christmas morning to tell us Santa had come.
He waited VERY patiently for his sister to wake up.
After my first cup of coffee, I told him he could roust her out of bed.
Stockings were first, then they took turns opening their presents, and helping Baby open hers.

While they played with their new things, The Dad and I opened our presents from each other.
I'm not gonna tell why yet, but I am beyond spoiled.
Like, I must have been really good this year.  :o)
You may find a hint or two in this post.

Once we succeeded in trashing the living room, we rounded everyone up and headed to Grammy and Grandpa's, in our jammies, for a big Christmas breakfast and more presents.
And Santa!

For breakfast, we had mimosas, ham, harvest potatoes, applesauce, loaded scrambled eggs, and coffee cake.

After filling our bellies, everyone dug through their stockings and then the five kids took turns opening presents.

Then, the kids were off to play and it was the adults' turn to open.
With a little help, of course.

As always, everyone was spoiled rotten.
We all shoved our faces again and just spent time hangin' out.

T'was a good year.


  1. Amazing PICTURES!!! That old camera sure can pump those pics out...doh, ooops...did I say "old" camera?? lol Seriously, beautiful pics, felt like I was there :) OH...not sure that shirt is going to fit Lonnie though.

  2. Mindy- What a beautiful family you have. The day looks amazing. I love how everyone goes to G&G's house in their perfect is that?!? Blessings to you and your beautiful family- xo Diana

  3. I'm gonna guess that just maybe you got a new camera?? And I am totally laughing at the jars of pickles in the train...who were those for?

  4. Wow Mindy--what a fabulous Christmas celebration you had with your lovely family! Your tree and all the gifts and lights were gorgeous, and your kids must have been excited beyond belief :) And I love the tradition of going to the grandparents in pj's for breakfast--lovely! You had ham for breakfast, and we had some for dinner Christmas night. (Funny side note: So my hubby and I are eating dinner that night and watching Grimm, of all the un-Christmasy things to be watching. I just started working with a theatre company in town, and we're watching this episode, and all of a sudden I see one of the artistic directors of the theatre company on the tv, playing a gnarly motorcycle thug-guy! It's so much fun to watch that show, and try to see who I know who got cast. Hopefully it will be me next year:) And I agree with you--our blogs are like a visual diary--if I wasn't doing this, I wouldn't remember half the stuff I did:) Looking forward to seeing all your cool ideas and kid lunches (!) in 2013!


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