Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

I think I'm finally done decorating.  I don't know why it takes so stinkin' long.  Well, aside from the fact that I have enough crap for three houses.

Here's a gander at our living room:

I love Christmas!
Shots from around the rest of the house later in the week.

BTW, I'm tryin' out the whole watermark thing.
Yay or nay?


  1. Hi Mindy girl, You are so on top of things. How do you do it? Your house looks magazine-worthy! I love how you hung the ornaments along the drapery rod, not to mention the Christmas draperies! How cool is that? Did you make them? Also that little vintage fan. WANT! I love your insulators on the mantel too. Actually I love it all. The watermark: I like the black type better than the white. Cheerio!

  2. Your decorations look so festive and pretty! I noticed the watermark first thing. I like it. I forget to do mine 99.9% of the time. Do you have any easy tricks/tips?

  3. Very pretty!! I'm loving all of the silver too.

  4. Wow, you home looks beautiful all dressed for Christmas, Mindy--I love all the red, and insulators! Yes, I am a firm believer in watermarking your pretty photos. You definitely want them so that unscrupulous online people don't steal your images--the watermarks at least lets readers know where the images came from. I use Gimp--it's a free program online for photo editing, and I created a watermark as a brush in there, and I can just quickly pop it on copies of my photos for my posts. Also be sure to copy your original images, because once the watermark is on I think it's pretty hard to get it off again. And nice to hear from you--glad you liked my blues in the cloche.

  5. I love it- Your place looks beautiful! I watermark my photos but make it big enough so that people can see it and it is placed so that hackers can't remove it too easily without losing some of the picture. It is a pain in the butt but I think it is worth the work- xo Diana

  6. I gotta tell you I think my favorite part are the stockings going different ways - not sure why but I really love that - also love the red ornaments all gathered together - sad to say I'm not even a tenth of the way decorated around here

  7. Very nice your christmas decorations, I like christmas time too ! See my home pictures!


  8. Beautiful Mindy! I love love love the red drapes.


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