Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stuffed Zucchini

Get on the boat yeah, the zucchini boat, yeah.

Sorry, couldn't help it, it was stuck in my head.  Hopefully that got rid of it.

I didn't plant a single zucchini this year.  But lucky for me, my neighbor did.  When she brought some over, I was torn between what to make.  There are SO many yummy zucchini recipes.  Sweet and savory.  I decided to start out with one I hadn't eaten in years.  My mom's stuffed zucchini.  Meaty, cheesy, goodness. 

Here's the recipe with my notes:

Mom's Stuffed Zucchini
Printable Recipe

1/8 C olive oil
1/8 C veggie oil
1/4 C finely chopped onion
4 cloves minced garlic (I used more)
1 lb ground beef
2 - 3 slices bacon, finely chopped
1/2 C bread crumbs
6 Tbsp Parmesan, divided
1 tsp fresh oregano or 1/2 tsp dried
3/4 tsp salt
Dash of pepper
One large zucchini

Cut zucchini in half, lengthwise, and scoop out pulp, leaving about 1/4 inch of shell.  Discard any large seeds.  Chop pulp coarsely and lightly salt shell.

Heat oil and saute onions until soft, not browned.  Add chopped zucchini and toss with onions.  Add garlic and cook five minutes more.  Remove and set aside.

In same skillet, brown beef and bacon; drain.  Once drained, return to pan and cook over high heat just long enough to crisp up the bacon.  Combine meat and veggies and add bread crumbs, 2 tablespoons of cheese, oregano, salt, and pepper.  Spoon into shells and place them in a shallow baking dish.  Add 1/2 inch of hot water and cover with foil.  Bake at 375 for 15 minutes.  Remove foil, sprinkle with remaining cheese (I had some crumbled feta, so I threw that on as well), and bake an additional 20 minutes, or until shell is soft.

Here's dinner, cooling off enough to cut:

Cut up and ready to dive in.

I had some amazing heirloom tomatoes from the farmers' market, so I made a salad with those, feta and three different kinds of basil from the yard.  
Add bread and there's your meal.

Here's dinner on my plate:
(And yes, I'm rockin' a paper plate from Pizza Hut.  That's what a kitchen gut will do to a girl.)

I love summer food.

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  1. Everything looks so good, even on a paper plate! Can I come over for dinner, please?! :-)

  2. Those tomatoes look fantastic! Enjoy!

  3. I love stuffed zucchini! This looks so good!

  4. That stuffed zucchini looks divine!! And, as always, your food pictures are so do you do it, my dear??

  5. We love zucchini but I have never made it stuffed. Saving this recipe to try! Thanks! xo Diana

  6. Looks amazing. I had something clever to say for my comment but somebody is yipping from the other room and I've forgotten it. :(

  7. Now this looks like happiness on a plate!!! I need to try this with the zucch!!! Holy yumminess! And the plate of tomatoes looks like art!!! I hope you all are doing well with the reno and are having a great weekend!!!

  8. Your summer food looks yummy! Our tomatoes are just starting to arrive at the farmers market. Have a great week, Laura


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