Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Last Week Of June In The Garden

Guess where I'm spending my 4th of July.
Guess what I'll be doing there.
Ordering kitchen cabinets.
Guess how excited I am.
I just peed a little.

Are you prepared to hear me whining about living in construction for the next month (Let me believe it will only be a month for a little while longer, will ya?!)?
Actually, are you prepared to not hear from me at all, because I'll be completely exhausted from raising children while attempting to gut and remodel a kitchen?
We'll see how it plays out.
I DID put an entire addition on our house while pregnant with number two, The Girl, so I'd like to think I have a tiny bit of crazy I-can-handle-this in me.

Until then, let's take a look at my interim kitchen and dining room, shall we?

My neighbor gave me this hydrangea last year.
It sat in a pot all summer and never did anything.
I stuck it in the ground in the fall and it has rewarded me with flowers.
I was so excited to see it wasn't blue.

My mom gave me a baby honeysuckle last year.
Again, it sat in a pot and I finally found a spot in the dirt for it late this spring.
It had two buds coming, but my monster children broke one of them off.
Don't worry, I beat them for it.
Please don't call CSD, I'm kidding.
 Sort of.

 Nelly Moser is blooming again.
 As well as another clematis that I never remember the name of, and I'm too lazy to dig out the tag.
Sunset something?

The butterfly bush is just starting, the roses are still comin' on, and the snap peas we started from seed are earning their keep.

The back bed, or, as I've referred to it before, the East Bed, is doin' its thing right now.
Two different colored penstemons are goin' strong and the lavender phlox and hebe are still bloomin' their hearts out.

Off to new kitchen land I go.....

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  1. HA! I would pee too if I was on my way to pick out cabinets! I wish you all the luck in the world friend. It is a glorious thing to create your own sanctuary for you and your family! I can not wait to see it!! NOW on to your beautiful garden...boy do I just love that east is a wonderful combination of colors and textures! Makes me wish I had way more sun in my space! I am pinning it right now! Inspiring!!!

  2. The yard sure is pretty! Yippee for new cabinets - hope it went well. And, um, what is that big metal thing?

  3. Wow, gorgeous, your garden is just gorgeous! And congratulations on the new cabinets! Can't wait to see the final result.

  4. It's crazy how much later in the season your yard blooms. Our's bloomed a few months ago for some of the same plants. Now they are just trying hard to stay alive in our 100+ degree weather. Your yard looks as beautiful as ever.

  5. Your garden looks so happy. Love all the color.
    Here's hoping your kitchen comes together in a snap!

  6. Fun post!... only slightly embarrassing for an old man to read!... Just kidding.
    Your plants look great and I especially like your featured hydrangea.
    Good luck with the kitchen remodel. I'm in the middle of restoring our kitchen that I built from scratch 25 years ago. I decided I wanted a more "Arts and Crafts" period look so put in some new windows and began refinishing the cupboards, creating corbeled moldings, etc. Then gardening happened and everything is on hold for a few months. It actually bothers me more than it concerns my wife... she's basically low maintenance thankfully!
    Good luck with all you take on... Larry


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