Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yard Crasher #3

The day we went to see the goats, we went by my mom's house for lunch after, and I brought along my camera.  The apple doesn't fall far.  It has taken me FOREVER to get through all the pictures.

I'll start in the front yard.

Along one side of the house.

And the back.

Phew, I think that's all of 'em.

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  1. That is just amazing, Mindy...AMAZING! You have done just a phenomenal job on your yard and gardens. I hope you give garden tours! xo Diana

  2. Yo mama's garden is epic. EPIC!!

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I bet a gardener could get lost in that yard. Your green thumb is definitely genetic. Rock on!

  4. Could you or your mom come and do something to my yard? Way too much green! And I have a natural area in my back yard begging for a beautiful english garden with a litle path. I know you guys could work magic back there.

  5. Wow. Well, that's definitely where you get it! I'm off to go water my weed tree ;)

  6. Hi Mindy, No wonder you're such a fabulous gardener. You've had a great teacher! I loved scrolling through these photos. It must have been so much fun taking them, oohing and aahhing at all the little and big delights along the way. And a PURPLE insulator! (I'm more than slightly jealous.)

    Speaking of insulators, I'm glad you got one with the wood peg. They are so cool. I have to tell you, a few years ago my friend Carol and I drove to Klamath Falls to visit her son. We drove down on Hwy 58 and off to the side of the road were telephone poles with glass insulators! I had never actually seen them in action. This gives me hope that someday, when they replace those, there will be more for you and me to decorate our gardens!

    You asked about Galega on my blog. I bought my plant at Dancing Oaks a few years ago after seeing a massive clump of it in their gardens. It's not very well known here having its origins in the UK. My plant gets about 5 feet tall and blooms in July and August. It has a sweet fragrance and nice leaves. I can send you more photos if you're interested. Thank you for this most awesome tour. Now I'm going to go visit your garden. Cheers dear friend.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Definitely magazine worthy!

  8. one word! Beautiful!!!!

  9. Wow! An amazing garden and so many great photos to show it off!

  10. Oh my goodness.......that was like taking a walk through my Mom's garden! I would of thought you were in my Mom's garden if it wasn't for all those other houses around. lol. My Mom lives deep in the woods, but she gardens EXACTLY like your mom!

    1. Oh how funny. We like to call the style, "cramscaping." Ha! Thanks so much for popping by!


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