Friday, August 9, 2013

The Last Week Of July In The Backyard

It's Friday! 
Let's get right to it, shall we?

I bought a couple of the Sun Coleus for the first time this year and I really like them.  I buy the shade ones every year and every year they do nothing for me.  You'd think I'd learn.
This first one is in the ground and the second is in a pot.
They seem to like both places equally well.

I didn't mean to buy the orangey one, but lantana in general is earning its way into my top 10 list of annuals.

I only got one measly liatris bloom this year.

The black-eyed-Susan vine is another one that I'll definitely be buying again.
It has more than outdone itself.

A volunteer tomato came up in the ground right behind the pot and I didn't have the heart to pull it.
So now the vine is acting as the stake.

More geraniums.
And so far, I've been able to manage the worms on 'em.

The petunia vine that was new to me this year is growin' like a weed.

The 'Black and Blue' salvia was just starting to bloom when I was out with my camera.

And last, the path along the back of the house has finally filled in.
I'm gonna do something different with the bed closest to the lawn next year.
I'm just not diggin' what's goin' on there.
But the side closest to the house is doin' okay.
The Girl's pot is there, plus a blueberry, a jasmine, the tree rose, some ferns, one cucumber from my first round of planting that the slugs didn't get, and some potted herbs.
I'd say it gets about half a day of sun.
Till about 2:00 in the summer months.

The hardy fuchsia on the right grew a ton this year.
I love it.

That's it for yard pics this week.
The Dad is off today, so I'm planning on hauling the kids somewhere so he can work on the kitchen in peace.
Another weekend...back at it.

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  1. I always enjoy the pics you share of your yard. So pretty!! I love the black-eyed Susan vine. I just never have any luck with it. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Mindy, I love your garden and had to mention you on my latest blog post. Your Lantana--it's one of my favorites too. Mine doesn't seem to want to bloom though. I guess it needs more sun. The fuchsias are outstanding this year, aren't they? Must be that warmer than normal winter. Keep up the good work. And don't look at the water bill. :)

  3. Your flowers are so pretty,and I love the turquoise-y mottled container with plants in it on the table :)

  4. I love all of your vines sweet lady! I need to do more of those guys next year...I need to do more annuals in general cause I feel like I am lacking some serious color right about now! What a beautiful space....My bean takes my lantana and makes confetti! Ha...gotta love kids...we are still in the training phase!!! Good luck on the kitchen progress this many more weeks???

  5. Looking wonderful Mindy! I've had mixed results with coleus too so I have mixed feelings about growing them. I have a yellow lantana that barely grew and now it has berries- crazy! Your Black Eyed Susan vine looks superb! I tried it a couple of times but the spot I chose didn't offer enough sun. Did your "volunteer" tomato vine produce any fruit? Love the color the black and blue Salvia offers. Good pictures of the fuchsia.... ahh summer! I wish it would last a lot longer!

  6. Thank you for taking us for a walk in your garden! Just beautiful Mindy! My garden is just a total disaster with all of the rainfall in SC this summer. So much color popping everywhere in your garden! Just delightful to see!


  7. Oooh! I love me some lantana! I've had volunteer tomatoes pop up in between our patio pavers. They were unruly but very sweet, kind of like toddlers. Liatris needs full sun and really well drained soil. Your garden is a beauty. Love that fuschia! :o)

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