Monday, August 19, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 8

I may have had a wee bit of a temper tantrum last night.  Those of you who know me in real life, understand that me storming around and throwing things is completely out of character.  Ahem. was a long weekend, and not a lot got done because we were doing actual summer activities outside of the kitchen remodel.  I know, what a concept.

The Dad worked on some things yesterday and didn't quit until late, so when it was time to figure out dinner, I may have been a tiny bit irritated that it was suggested that I cook, rather than get some sort of take-out. The Dad took the kids outside to play and I threw tools and electrical supplies and garbage around.  Not across the room at walls or anything, just flinging and chucking things into piles to get them out of my way. And I may or may not have slammed a few pans around on the stove.

Amazingly, my wtf-am-I-gonna-make-at-6:30 tantrum, turned out to be a really good breakfast for dinner. Cooking while your mad doesn't always come out that way.

Anyway, instead of giving a complete update of what got done, and attempting to walk you through a bunch of photos that all look the same, I'll just give you the overview.

These pictures show how we fixed the floor joists.
We sistered in new boards and attached them with lag bolts.
The plywood is officially screwed down over all the repairs to replace the rotted out subfloor.

All the new electrical isn't finished being run yet, but all the boxes are in.
We ended up going back to Home Depot for the adjustable boxes, after spending waaaaay too much time trying to figure out what our finished depth would be with just sheetrock in some places, sheetrock and tile in others, sheetrock and the backs of cabinets in the rest.
In the long run, it will be totally worth the extra dollar it cost for each box.
Gad, what a headache.

All the upper single boxes are so we can hardwire the under-cabinet lighting.

The fridge, dishwasher and microwave all needed new electrical so they could be on their own circuit.
All the new lighting, switches, and plugs will hopefully be wired in this week.

This is what Phase 8 looks like around the house.

Yes, I realize yuk is spelled yuck.
The construction dust will not be gone soon enough.
I actually dusted everything after taking these pictures, but I'm not sure why I  bother.

Jealous yet?

Back to that breakfast for dinner.......I made pancakes with tons of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a giant pile of shredded zucchini.  So good.  I also sauteed up some onions and garlic, threw in diced potatoes and cooked everyone with a lid on till the taters were tender.  Then I threw in a pound of chopped breakfast sausage links and cooked it all until everyone was nice and brown.  I pulled some out to another pan at this point for me, then dumped in some whipped up eggs with milk, and cooked them till they were done.  Then, cheese.  Lots and lots of cheddar cheese.  I put Swiss cheese on the non-egg taters. Yummy, yummy, yummy.  Super easy dinner, or breakfast, even when you're throwing a fit about cooking.

Looks sorta like camping, eh?
I wish Phase Reveal would hurry up and get here.

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  1. Er Mer Gerd. Pictorial overload. Hurry up and finish that hot mess.

  2. Awww,...big hugs girlfriend. You're doing a great job hanging in there during all this,......well, I'll keep it clean here, :) I wish we lived closer, I'd let you come over and cook for us in a non-construction kitchen. No really, I'd do that for you. xoxo

  3. LOL- I can so sympathize with you because I remember those times so well. Amazing- I felt half mad about half the time-lol. I may have had a slam a few pots around here this morning, too, when I was sick all day long yesterday and got up to a HUGE MESS in the kitchen including garbage left in the sink...and the "oh-I meant to clean that up" sliding off SOMEONE'S tongue! xo Diana

  4. I'd be going nuts too. I think you should ask grandma or an aunt to watch the kids for a few weekends so both you and your husband can get some serious uninterrupted time to work on finishing your kitchen. And don't feel guilty about it because that is what grandparents are for!! It is hard enough getting things done with kids when the kitchen is not torn apart. Hang in there.

  5. Yep, remember those time too well. I threw a few of those fits during the remodel. Its just a pain cooking around the mess. Your getting there! Some day you will look back at those pics and say no way did we live like that. Then smile at your beautiful finished kitchen!

  6. The fact that you can whip that up in deserve a A plus if you will! You had me laughing and wanting to jump through the computer to take you out! I know how this can get on your last nerve because i have been there....but soon sweet friend you will be there!!! And you need to do an online cheers! Ok?!?! Take care...looks so yummy!!!

  7. What a woman! Hey, we're all allowed a tantrum now and then. That looks yumy (yes, I know it's spelled yummy.) ;0D

  8. Well, starting dinner at 6:30pm in this house is just crazy talk. So I would have been pouty, too. We have breakfast for dinner at least once a month here. And I didn't not notice your glass of wine - it's just fancy grape juice, right :)

  9. You are SO Allowed to throw a tantrum! And, you are such a better woman/wife/mom than I am. I would have been "making" my family cereal for dinner. You, my friend, are a superhero.

  10. I know you are so frustrated!! Can't wait to see the finished project!!


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