Friday, August 23, 2013

The Third Week Of August In The Garden

Thought I'd throw in some patio pics this time.  I never really did much with it this year.  Typically, I've rearranged the furniture and pots 40 different times by this month.  But, other than the grill and a table for the kids when we have company, we haven't really used it.  Ah well, there's always next year to get it dialed in.

There's a shelf and a bakers rack on either side of the enormous monster that takes up precious design space grill. 

The deck is two stairs up from the patio, and that's where we've been eating all our meals since starting in on the kitchen.

Around the rest of the yard, there are a couple new things blooming.
I've stopped pinching the flowers off of the coleus.

My mom gave me starts of this little sunflower years ago.
It reseeds like crazy and is a wee bit naughty, but it's pretty, so I leave a few.

The morning glory is startin' to kick it into high gear.
Plotting to deposit seeds all over the yard, no doubt.

The rest of the zinnias I started are finally gettin' goin'.

My sister's coworker gave her some rooted Shiso stems and she shared them with me.
I stuck them in a pot just a few weeks ago and they have taken off like wild fire.

My mom gave me a new dahlia bulb for Mother's Day.
I stuck it in the ground, it came up, and the kids broke it off with a ball.
I cried.
It surprised me and came up again.
It has had buds for what seems like over a month.
They just keep getting bigger and bigger.
I can not WAIT for it to finally bloom.

This last one makes me a little sad.
Is it late enough for the mums already?!
Summer is waning.

It's Friday, kids.
Know what that means?
The kitchen work weekend is almost here.
We're ready for insulation and drywall.
I'm grinning big as I type that.

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  1. Ok--I'm super jealous!! If you were come to my yard right now you would say "wah wah" because most of our flowers are dead. We are actually having a cold front right now and it's 98 outside.

  2. So pretty! I can't believe how gorgeous your impatiens are in late August... Wow!

  3. Love that bakers rack! So beautiful in your space! Your cracking me up with the grill bit...feel the same way but whatever! And the mum thing is not really making sense to me...Whole Foods has potted full bloom mums already...we are wayyyy early on that front for sure! Beautiful garden friend! SO stunning! Cheers to the drywall as well!!!

  4. Mindy, the flowers are are lovely!! I came across this flower bedding today and thought of you loving that other expensive bedding in the apartment I posted about. Check it out: little pricy but WAY less than the other stuff for the same look.

  5. Gorgeous! I especially love the potted flowers hanging off the post. :)

  6. Such beautiful blooms. You are surrounded by so many wonderful sights.

  7. I love your begonias!! I planted a few white ones but I am not crazy about them. I can't wait to see your dahlia. Is it a dinner plate dahlia? It is going to be huge!


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