Thursday, August 29, 2013

Enchanted Forest After Party

Sometimes when we're sitting down to eat with my sister's family, (okay, a lot of times), I think, I wish there were more people here to partake in this beyond delicious feast.  I just want to feed people good food.  I want them to experience what I'm experiencing.  It's a party in my mouth that I want others to get in on. Hardy har har.  Seriously though, everyone should eat like this on a regular basis.

So here's how it went down:  We drove back to my sister's house after the Enchanted Forest extravaganza. She dug through her fridge and rattled off optional ingredients.  The Italian prunes in their yard were ripe. The boys drove to the grocery store to dig through the meat bargain bin.  And a feast was born.

Here's what a last minute dinner looks like in my family:

Macerated raspberry Champagne loveliness.

Beer for the boys (they took a detour on their meat run).

Meat, cheese, fruit and bread.

Remember those Italian prunes I mentioned up top there?
Replace the brie with goat cheese, and you have a tiny piece of what heaven is like, sliding across your tongue.
No worries, I'll post the recipe for ya.

Who's idea was it to let the kids in on the good food secret?
They seriously hog all the yummy stuff now.

Gotta love getting a picture of your sister snort-laughing.
And then posting it on your blog.  :)

The boys brought back a T-bone, a ribeye and some kebabs.
I know.
That's what happens when you send the boys to the grocery store.

We threw some corn on the cob on the grill with the meat, and I voted for Plank Potatoes.
You're gonna need that recipe too.

While dinner cooked, I took some pictures of my sister's purple dahlia that I've talked about.
It's soooo pretty.

Here are a couple more, around-the-yard, pics.

And dinner is ready.

You guys, the potatoes were SO GOOD.
I swear we all talked about them throughout the whole meal.
I'll hurry and post the recipe.

The monsters were tearin' it up at the kid table.

And, of course, here's dinner on my plate.

I seriously wish I could have you all over for dinner.
Gatherings that revolve around food take me to my happy place.

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  1. Mmmmm,...I seriously wish I could just head right on over. Ahem,..I should also mention that I don't see any roller coaster pics here. Just saying.

  2. Oh I would love to come for dinner!!!! Prunes... Goat cheese...hello yum!!!!! You have it down and good good food!! I call the beans monsters too! How funny...mainly my chunky baby..boy does she like to eat! Ok now get on those recipes...want them both!!!!! Peace!!!

  3. OMGOsh-That seriously looks like a feast to me! What time should I pop by for leftovers? xo Diana

  4. It is like you are having thanksgiving dinner all of the time!! The potatoes look awesome! So does the wine and the champagne :) Oh and yes, your sister's dahlia rocks. Is it thomas edison?

  5. Glad you had such a great impromptu supper. Seeing kids eating real food does my heart good. Waiting for the potato recipe.
    Tasty food, beautiful garden, family, you've got it good.

  6. Yum, that all looks divine! It's cute to see the kids stuffing their sweet little faces. Great memories for them!

  7. It all looks so lovely, good food wine family and friends who could ask for more


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