Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cucumber-Basil Gimlet + Nine Years

A dog, a cat, three kids, an addition to the house and a kitchen remodel later....

Our anniversary was on Wednesday.  Nine years.  We celebrated at home with the monsters.  We had a cocktail when The Dad got home from work, then food and wine on the deck.  Our neighbor came over with her daughter for dessert, and we ended up chatting in the backyard until midnight while the kids played. Their last summer hurrah before school starts.

The drink was super yummy.  I used this recipe, but substituted cucumber-vanilla vodka for the plain. Yum, yum.

With a gutted kitchen, dinner was far from fancy.
I did a cheese and fruit platter, tomatoes and basil from the garden with with oil and vinegar, and steak skewers on the grill.
Easy and delicious.

Every year, we drink wine out of our wedding glasses.

Here's dinner on my plate:

I have to throw in the kiddos.

When we were cleaning up dinner, I went to hand something to The Dad, and knocked my glass onto the deck.
I didn't talk for 10 minutes.
All I wanted to do was cry. :(

That sucked.

For dessert, I made the Peach Dumplings I posted the other day, but with apples and pears.
Uh, yeah, they were delicious.
We had them with ice cream this time around.

I just realized, they were the last thing to ever be cooked in the old oven.
It's out in the driveway.  
Poor old oven.

So that's it.
Aside from the wine glass tragedy, it was a good evening.
Nine's to the next ninety.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! and I'm sorry about your glass--too bad!! Dinner looks great-you're such a trouper!! Our anniversary is tomorrow. Guess I'll make something!!

  2. Happy Anniversary sweet friend! May the road take you both to many happy places! Though dinner was simple it still looked beautiful as do your kiddos! I'm sorry about your glass...I am sure you will find something to start a new tradition!!!! So happy for you guys!!!!

  3. The cocktail looks perfect for summer - actually it all looks fabulous. Happy anniversary!! I would have felt awful about the broken glass as well. I think a new set of glasses may be in order to honor your tenth anniversary.

  4. wow 9 years! Happy anniversary!
    I love everything on that dinner plate...ohhhh!
    And don't worry about the glass, in Russian there is a saying: it's not a celebration unless some glass is broken!


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