Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The First Day Of School: The Girl

The Girl started kindergarten yesterday.  How crazy is that?!  She walked in like she owned the place.  Of course, I have lots of pictures.

I had to get a couple of them walking together.

Her teacher is new to the school this year, but so far I really like her.
When we walked into the classroom yesterday, there were centerpieces on all the tables with sunflowers.
That pretty much sealed the deal.
She's gonna be awesome.
The classroom is super tidy, super organized, and super cute, too.
Not a bad gig to come into for someone starting school for the first time ever.

And so it begins.


  1. Oh she is going to have a wonderful year in kindergarten! Love that your kids have matching backpacks. How cute!

  2. Ha ha,...that's hysterical that she had sunflower centrepieces. Oh yes,...she sounds like a keeper. Congrats to The Girl. I had a little tear in my eye for most of the post.

  3. Oh- She is just beautiful! I love the pig tails and how cute she looks in her little 'first day of school' dress. Your little guy is adorable, too. xo Diana

  4. Oh she is a super cutie!! Look at those two going to school together...my goodness!!!! They are adorable friend!!! And that classroom is top notch!! The sunflowers and the little reading nook with sticks...my kind of teacher!!! Congrats mama!

  5. She is so cute!!! That picture of them walking to school together is the sweetest. And how great is that room! I wanna go!

  6. She is such a cutie! I hope she is enjoying her new school.

  7. How is this possible?? And their matching backpacks is too cute. How are you handling it all day with just you and baby? I not-so-secretly jumped for joy when my two both went, but then again, I'm up at the school all the time anyway, so a break is nice. ;)


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