Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hand-Tied Bouquet

Once upon a time, my mom and I owned a floral business.  And even before that, my very first job was at a florist.  I was head grunt and didn't get to make bouquets, but I was still around flowers all day.  I can still bust out the bows like nobody's business.  I made so. many. bows. at that place.

Anywho, in my travels, I learned how to make hand-tied bouquets. Sort of.  I kinda cheat a little.  And I'll tell you how you can cheat even more.

So anytime we go to someone's house, I take a bouquet for the host or hostess.  It's in my blood, I can't help it.  

I like to keep dollar store or thrift store vases on hand, but sometimes no matter how deep you dig, you just can't find something that'll work.  It's the perfect opportunity for the hand-tied bouquet.

So first off, you gather your flowers.  I like to start with the sturdiest stems for the base.  In this case, I started with three 'Autumn Joy' Sedum.  You cross the stems in your left hand and arrange with your right (swap if you're left-handed).  Just keep adding flowers and crossing stems as you go, ending with your filler or lightest weight flowers.  Don't let go of the bouquet, but rotate your wrist while you're adding so you can get it even all the way around.  I couldn't take pictures with my hands full, but there are videos online if you're a visual person.

Once you have all your flowers arranged, the stems should be so intertwined, that the bouquet will stand up on its own.  I wrap a rubberband around mine, just to make sure.  

If you're trying to make it extra special, you could wrap twine or ribbon tightly around the stems, and then cut your rubberband out.  
Or leave it if it's hidden.

If you give it a go and your hands aren't working as a team, or you just can't get your stems intertwined enough, you can do the big cheat.
Arrange your flowers in a vase, or a glass, or whatever you've got that's the right size.
Then pull the bouquet out just below the flowers and hold it tight.  
Wrap your rubberband around the stems below your fist, and you're good to go.
No one will ever know you cheated.
Deliver your hand-tied bouquet with a bottle of wine and you're likely to be asked back.  :)

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  1. What I would do for one of your bouquets! They are always so full of energy and just down right pretty!!! I am amazed at your combinations...they are so creative and beautiful! Thank you for the cool tips as well! I do like to bring flowers for my peeps and these tips will come in handy! Happy weekend to you!

  2. I really like this bouquet, especially the unusual assortment of garden flowers. And your header photo is gorgeous!

  3. It is gorgeous. I wish I had more flowers for bouquets! I'll have to find a video online cause it works for me!!

  4. Great tip and you have such lovely flowers to pick from. Love it. Doesn't surprise me at all that you worked in a florist shop/owned one. My friend worked in one and made bows, too. If she was having a "bad bow day" she would apologize to the customer and tell them she was brand new. One time this lady said to her- You said that same thing last time I was here about 6 months ago. My friend (who is a hoot and a half) said- straight faced- I have Alzheimer's. OMG. Ummm...she quit not long after that...or she SAID she quit- lol

  5. What a great tip! Who wouldn't love to be gifted with that bouquet?
    I guess you were born to be a gardener, huh?

  6. I'm always learning new things about you my dear friend. No wonder you're so talented in the floral department, having the job of "Head Grunt" at your roots. It is very beneficial isn't it, getting into the nitty gritty of the business. You learn so much. I didn't know that about the "heavy" flowers first, going to the "lightest" flowers. Great tip.

    Your arrangement is stunning. I love the colors. I don't go to people's houses very often but I do like to bring a bouquet to work every week so growing flowers I can cut and transport is important as well as totally fun. I also hunt for thrift store vases and keep a supply at the ready. This way the receiver doesn't have to worry about getting it back to you.

    Have a great weekend. I pray the rain holds off. I've got gardening stuff to do. :)

  7. Your hand-tied bouquet is lovely and so gracious! Thanks for sharing those tips. I shall attempt a hand-tied fall bouquet or two for events at our home.
    Tone on Tone

  8. Gorgeous. And a reminder of why I so very much like inviting you over for dinner. ;)


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