Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Around The Garden

I'm not sure how I missed this batch of pictures.  They're almost a month old now.  In real time, the yard is crumbling before my eyes.  It's that time of year.  The rain is beating all the perennials into the dirt, and the annuals are yellowing and rotting off at the base.  It's sad to watch everything go.  At least I have photos to get me through to next spring.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post pictures of Baby cleaning the "fuffies" out of her toes.

She's getting too big, too fast.

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  1. It is all very beautiful. I saw a glass of wine in the garden too. My garden is holding up well with the rain so far but we are not getting much of a break from the weather so I may not say the same thing next week.

    I wish you could hit the pause button on the baby/toddler stage.

  2. Oh I love those red blooms!!!!! I hope it holds up a bit longer so you can sit on that pretty patio and enjoy the view! Your sweet bean is adorable..... Just too cute there with her little toes!!!!

  3. Well, the garden pictures are great but the prize winners to me are that sweet baby picking "fluff" out of her little toes. lol Our grandson has discovered his belly button and is either taking something out of it or putting something in it. So much fun at that age, aren't they? xo Diana

  4. gorgeous garden! and baby, too!

  5. Love the pictures of The Baby. She's really going to be thrilled when she's older that you have them, lol.


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