Monday, September 23, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 12

We got another weekend of work crossed off the list.

We have a tentative appointment on Friday for the counter guys to come out and make a template.  I say tentative, because in order for them to do that, all the lower cabinets need to be installed.  In a perfect world, the uppers should be installed first, but sometimes time frames don't involve a perfect world.

So after sanding more sheetrock on Saturday, we got to work building the left corner cabinet and hauled in the dishwasher from the garage.  We needed that bank set up, in order to build the peninsula wall.  The wall had to be exact, since the counter will sit on it.  It took a loooong time to get it all figured out, but once we did, it went up without a hitch.

Once the wall was standing, The Dad finished the electrical for the dishwasher and moved the old outlet to the dining room side of the wall.
The green board sheetrock went up on the kitchen side.
We said, screw it, to mudding the seams.
Next up, the first run of board that the back of the lower cabinets rest on was installed.

Once that was up, we could install the first lower corner cabinet.
Woot, woot.
Oh wait, first we had to kick out the helper.

Proof that kids don't need toys.

So once that first cabinet was in, we built the sink cabinet and the one to the left of it.
Then he stood back, looked, and decided that installing uppers with the lowers in, sounded like a nightmare.
I may have said, I told ya so.
So he built two uppers and by then, it was late and the poor guy was ready for bed, so they're just sitting next to the stove at this point.
So here's what it looks like as of Monday mornin'. 

Photo bomber alert.

The plan of action is, figure out where the upper rails need to go and get them installed after dinner tonight.
Build the rest of the uppers and hang them on the rail.
Build the rest of the lowers and get them installed.
Install any fillers between lower cabinet gaps.
Attach appliance panel to peninsula wall and floor next to dishwasher.
Have all of that done by Thursday night so the cabinet guys have something to actually measure on Friday.
(Volunteers during the evenings this week are welcome.)
Once they have the goods for a template, the counter installation is two weeks out.
Getting clooooser.

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  1. Hilarious about The Baby in there with her blanket and everything. ha ha Love the photo bomb too. This is getting really exciting.

  2. What an adorable helper!! How exciting that the cabinets are going up! Won't be long now!

  3. Mindy, what a transformation!!! Wow! It is going to be AMAZING.

  4. Oh boy what a big project but you will be so happy when it's done! Your little helper there was too cute! You are right, sometimes the simplest ting like a box can make a kid happy and al the fanciest toys don't mean a thing! I've seen a 2 x 4 with a cross bar that is made to help hold up the upper cabinets as you are installing them. would've been easier to do them first, but you didn't say that!! :-)

  5. Mindy, it's coming along...and you're getting so much closer to the end of what will look AMAZING. Can't wait to see the finished product, so hurry up with that...ok??

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Look at you guys go!!!!!! Holy moly does it look awesome!!!! And look how big your peanut is getting!!!! Bring on more pics!!!!

  7. Oh, you are SO close! Best wishes with the volunteers...


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