Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 10

It's time for another kitchen update.

Our appliances were delivered on Thursday.  We had pushed out the delivery date twice, so on the third time, the latest we could go was the 29th.  Obviously, we weren't ready for them, but such is life.  So they were plopped down in the middle of the room.

At that point, we decided it would be best to get the fridge wall ready, so that it could be moved over.
Part of that wall will be visible, so we needed to get a good finish on the sheetrock.

We also needed to lay down the black paper so that we could get some of the hardwood installed.
Instead of using a transition strip on the floor between the two rooms, we cut back the existing floor in the dining room, then turned two pieces of the new to run in the opposite direction, where the doorway used to be.

The floor there is beat to heck from foot traffic, but hopefully, someday, we can restore them so that the match is closer.

We bought the same hardwood flooring that we had used in the addition.
It's actually a really good match to the original floors in the areas where they aren't so worn.

Once that section of flooring was layed, we were able to move the fridge over to where it will live.

We got it hooked up and running and the kids think the ice and water in the door is the best thing ever.
They are CONSTANTLY drinking water.
The Mom thinks a brand new fridge, for the first time in her life, is one of the most amazing things ever.
The Dad has made it the official beer fridge.

The kids had to make sure the freezer worked.
With Otter Pops, of course.

So once that was out of the way, it was back to hanging more sheetrock.
Can I just say, hanging sheetrock takes FOREVER, and taping and mudding SUCKS.
Thankfully, only a small amount of the walls will end up showing, so we don't have to take a lot of time making it look pretty, but it still sucks.

He also got the hole in the ceiling covered, where the old soffit was.
He just used a piece of plywood, since the ceiling will be covered with the planks, like in the dining room.

We ended up running out of mud yesterday, so we finished up the day laying some more floor.

Next on the list is finishing up the mudding on the walls and support beam, putting plywood down on the floor in the U where the cabinets will sit, and laying the rest of the flooring.
Then we get to prime the walls.
Cake walk, right?

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  1. When you're done, you are coming over for dinner. Hurry up!

  2. Oooh, it's starting to look real. Love your fridge and my hubby would love that Rolling Rock. :)

  3. Whoooo Hooooo You are getting to the drywall part! It is really coming along, Mindy- xo Diana

  4. SOO exciting!! Can not wait to see it once it is all finished!

  5. The new fridge rocks!! This is going to be so nice when it is done. I bought the fridge over freezer style fridge when I bought my first house and I don't know what I was thinking when I didn't buy one with an ice and water dispenser. I am glad the kids are having fun with it :)

  6. Cake walk for sure!!!!! That fridge is Beautiful!!! And it looks so shiny and pretty there!!!! Kinda nice that you have that baby up and running and stocked with your essentials of course!!!! And your flooring is awesome!!! Keep it up keep it up!! You can do it!!!!!!

  7. You guys are chugging along. I can NOT wait to see the cabinets. I'm so excited, you'd think it was my kitchen.

  8. TOTALLY a cake walk!!!! Eeeeee!!! I'm so excited for you! The fridge is gorgeous, and what a perfect bonus to have the kids wanting to drink more water!

  9. The flooring looks great!! I would be in love with that new fridge!! Glad it keeps the beer ice cold. Gotta have that after a hard day of drywalling!

  10. It is looking great! Only a few more steps and then it's kitchen heaven!

  11. O, I love your new floor...gorgeous....and the fridge is awesome. You are going to have a beautiful kitchen when it's finished.
    Once, about 12 yrs ago, we did an addition to our house and putting up sheet
    rock, taping and bedding, OHMYGOSH....I hated it's guts. I'm tellin' you, girl, when you are in your 60's, all that DOUBLE SUCKS. whew...hope I NEVER have to do it again.
    Your new kitchen is gonna make you smile everyday.

  12. Love the updates! I might have missed the post, but what counters did you end up choosing?

    -Paige @ Campavenue.blogspot.com

    1. Hi, Paige. I don't know how I missed your comment, but I'm just now seeing it. :(

      We went with what I like to affectionately call, Farble. Faux Marble Laminate. :) It's Wilsonart's White Carerra.

      They actually came out to measure this morning, so install is scheduled for the 18th. Which means I'll have a sink again!!! I CAN'T WAIT!


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