Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Chargers

Anyone else feel like they've been eating non-stop for a month straight?  Gad.  I've threatened to make salad every night for dinner for a week.  Ah, the holidays.

This was one of my DIY Christmas gifts for one of our gift exchange parties.  I've been wanting some for myself, so the next best thing is making them for someone else, right?

I found the chargers at the Dollar Store, but I'm sure this time of year, you can find them on clearance just about everywhere.
Mine started out gold.
I bought spray primer specifically for plastic, to make sure the chalkboard paint wouldn't peel off down the road.

After a couple coats of spray paint, I brushed on the chalkboard paint.
I already had a can of it, but if you're buying it new, you could certainly get it in a rattle can.
I brushed on three coats.

And here they are on the table in my house.

We may have used them for our morning-after breakfast.
Shhh, don't tell.

Yep, we broke 'em in.
And they cleaned up great.

FYI, chalk pens DO NOT come off of the chalkboard paint in a can.
I learned that when I used one to write on my kitchen chalkboard door.
It won't erase.  
And trust me, I've tried every cleaner I could think of.
I need to paint over it again.
So just use regular ol' chalk on these, unless you want your saying/message/quote/lyrics/names to be permanent.

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  1. HEY YOU!! How in the world did I miss this!!! You are brilliant! This is such a great idea! I can so see using these for many gatherings here like birthdays!!! I hope you are doing great friend! Happy weekend to ya!! Nicole xoxo


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