Monday, January 13, 2014

Contact Paper Silhouettes

Soooo, guess what happens when you decide to do a surprise makeover to a bedroom, that involves moving everything to a different room in the house?  Surprise!  You get to do TWO bedroom makeovers.  Oh my LORD my house is a mess.  There is kid crap everywhere.  I spent ALL DAY today working on what is now the girls' room.  I have at least another day's worth of work in there.  They have way too much stuff.  I'm purging as I go.

BUT, the good news is, the Birthday Surprise Bedroom was finished in time and it is so dang cute.  Everyone, including The Dog and The Cat, is hanging out in there.  I have tons of pictures to go through before I can get a post together, but I wanted to pop in and share this super duper cute and easy idea.

When I was gathering ideas together, I took into consideration his mentioning wanting an Angry Birds bedroom someday.  And when I say, I took it into consideration, I mean, I recalled him saying it and then moved onto a non-theme room.  Sorry kid, but it ain't happenin'.  But I did do some online searches, looking for the removable wall clings.  And I found a ton of them.  And they're ugly and obnoxious.  Then I stumbled upon a free silhouette site.  So cool.  They have free silhouettes of anything you could possibly imagine, available for free download.  I found the Angry Birds, and instead of printing them (this is showing my ghetto-cheapness right here), I held my computer paper up to the monitor and traced them.  Yep, sure did.

My plan was to paint them on the branches of the existing trees, but after a conversation with my mom and The Dad, the contact paper idea was born. I had just recently seen Chalkboard Contact Paper online and wondered if I could buy it locally.  I ran to the store Sunday morning and checked the contact paper aisle.  They had plain black.  Twenty four feet of it for $7 bucks.  Sold.

I cut out the shapes I had traced, and then used a white chalk pen to draw on their eyes.  Then I just peeled off the back and stuck them on the wall.  So cute.  

As you can see, I got a little carried away and cut out some hearts, too.
I hung the clipboards as a way for him to display his drawings, so I figured I'd add some love that he can see when he's changing out the pictures.
I kinda wanna make things for every room of the house now.

Here's some more shots of the little critters.

They're pretty cute in black and white.

I've seriously gotta get the girls' room dialed in tomorrow.
We've got company coming for a birthday party on Saturday and the house is TRASHED.
But I'll try to get through the pictures asap.
For a 24-hour makeover project, the room turned out pretty darned cute.

For the free downloadable Angry Birds silhouettes, plus tons more, go here.

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  1. Angry birds is the best ever - though I'm stuck in Hoth on the star wars version. But I think it would be annoying to have them around the house too but your silhouettes are a perfectly stylish solution! Great work!

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of the room - I bet that same idea would be good for labels in my pantry..hmmmm

  3. This is great! So many fun uses for contact paper. Please check out our online store when you need more. We are family owned but we beat all the big box prices.

  4. Not only is that a brilliant idea to use contact paper, but you scored MAJOR mommy points by giving him angry birds! And, I'm definitely ghetto, so putting paper up to the monitor to trace didn't phase me at all, but it did make me love ya even more :)


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