Thursday, January 16, 2014

24-Hour Bedroom Makeover: The Kid's New Room

Well, we pulled it off.  The Kid's surprise bedroom makeover was a success.  And we literally did it in twenty four hours.  I started at 3:00 Saturday afternoon and he walked back in the door at 3:00 on Sunday.

I did do some secret painting in the attic that morning, just because I needed it to be dry by the time he left the house.  The headboard got a couple fresh coats of paint, and the little desk had purple legs, so I painted them black.  Other than that, it was a mad rush to move Baby out, and move him in from The Shared Bedroom.

If you haven't been around since the beginning,  this was originally his room.  We put an addition on the house when I was pregnant with The Girl. The Kid got the new room and The Girl moved into his old nursery when she was born.  He was two-years old.  When I got pregnant the third time, with Baby, The Kid got the boot so we could make a nursery for the new little one.  He and his sister have been sharing a room for the last 2 1/2 years.  Now that Baby is almost two, it was time for him to have his own space again. Girl-free.

We didn't paint the walls for his new space.  He likes the blue and when hinting about his "someday" room, he said he wanted to keep the trees.  Which made Mom happy.  I would have been sad to paint over them. My mom and I painted them for him when he was just a little squirt.  Awwww.

Anyway, enough blabbin'.  Here's the room all cleaned out.

I didn't have time to recover the shades, but they're hidden behind the new curtains.
I also left the window seat cushion covers, which match the shades, until later.
The pattern is kinda girly, but they're a neutral color, so they got bumped to the bottom of the to-do list.
I also plan on making some pillows out of his old shirts.
Again, time didn't allow it for the big "reveal."
I think I got pretty much everything else that I wanted done, though.

So this is what it looked like Saturday morning.

Here's what he saw when he opened the door for the first time on Sunday.

He loves his C. 
Almost as much as I do.  :)
Not bad for $7 bucks.

We replaced the chandelier with an off-white metal light I found at Ikea for $19.99.

All his stuff got moved back onto the shelves.
There's a hole on that left shelf under the C because he's getting a fish from Grammy for his birthday on Saturday.
I did fill it in temporarily, after I took the pictures, so he wouldn't be suspicious.

Here's a closer look at his shelves.

I made this C, as well.

The wire basket, that all his turtles are in, came from HomeGoods.
I went for the first time a couple weeks ago.
Pretty fun store.
The basket was $10.

Clearly, he has a thing for turtles.
I found this driftwood one at Ross for $4.99.
Isn't it cute?
It made it to his top five, favorite-new-room-things, list.

More of his goodies are up over the big window.

The rug was a birthday present from my mom.
It's an indoor/outdoor rug from Ikea.
It's 5 x 7 and was $79.99.

The quilt was another HomeGoods find.
At $30, I couldn't pass it up.
It had matching shams that I was going to use to cover the window seat cushions, but they were $25. 
What the heck?
So they stayed at the store.
The headboard was one we already had - it just needed a couple fresh coats of paint.
We used his existing sheets.

His nightstand is just an old crate.
The baskets were some I had on Baby's changing table.
The map tray was $4.99 at, you guessed it, HomeGoods.

On to the other side of the room...
I knew I wanted to give him a work area, and the rest just evolved from there.
We had the old desk in the attic, it just needed new paint on the legs and some glue repairs to the top.
The little chair was at my mom's.
The map has been rolled up in our garage for years, waiting for a home.
I found the double-wire metal wall file holder at Ross for $15.
The clipboards were about a buck each at the office supply store.

I wrote about how I made the removable Angry Birds in this post.

I still need to make labels for the little keepers.

I thought the clipboards would be a fun way to rotate the, always plentiful, kid art.  

The lamp on the desk was The Dad's.
The pencil sharpener was mine and he was always asking to use it, so we mounted it to the desk.
The buckets for his crayons, pencils, etc. were a homemade, cheap, knock-off, of the super cute ones Ikea sells in their kitchen department.
I was going to go with those, but after adding it all up in the store, it would have cost $40 for three buckets on the matching rod.  
Then I thought about buying one of the $12 dollar magnetic strips they sell for knives, and gluing magnets onto tin cans to mount to it.
But then, toward the end of the store, I found an even cheaper better solution.
The rod was $1.99.
The S-hooks were next to the rods - .99 cents for ten of them.
The buckets were in with the plants and they were .99 cents, as well.
Seven dollars total!
The Dad drilled the holes in the backs of the buckets for me.
Done and done.
He's got them filled with crayons, pencils, glue, and other random school supplies.

Under the buckets, I hung a roll of paper on the old curtain rod hooks that were in the room.
I used the dowel that comes with the Ikea paper holder, that we already had, but any old dowel or rod would work.

Here are just some other random shots.

"Fluffy" has been around since The Kid's second Christmas.
It remains his favorite friend.

 And last, I've gotta show ya the closet.
We did this to the bi-fold doors years ago when it was still his old room.
I got the building instructions from Ana White's site.
You can see my original post here.
It's amazing how much extra space it makes.

And there ya have it.
A room fit for an (almost) 8-year old.

Let's add it all up and see how much he's worth.

Rug (from Grammy):  Ikea $80
Quilt:  HomeGoods $30
Wire Basket:  HomeGoods $10
Wire Wall File Holder:  Ross $15
Driftwood Turtle:  $5
Ceiling Light:  Ikea $20
Marquee Letter C: Supplies from Joann Fabrics $7
Faux Zinc C on Shelf:  Supplies from Joann Fabrics $3
Roll of Black Contact Paper for Angry Birds (plus tons leftover):  Fred Meyer $7
School Supply Bucket System:  Supplies from Ikea $7
Two faux metal planters:  Ross $5
Two fake plants:  Ikea $6
Scrapbook paper to line the back of the wall cubby that his turtle collection is on:  Joann Fabrics $1
Curtain rods for both windows:  Fred Meyer $6
Map tray:  HomeGoods $5
Clipboards:  Office Depot $6
Blood, Sweat, and Tears:  Free
Everything else in the room was stuff we already had.

Grand Total:  $213
Total out of The Mom and Dad's pocket:  $133

Not too shabby.

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  1. Omg!!! It is gorgeous friend!!! Every little detail It's just precious! And your pencil sharpener reminds me of one that we had in our kitchen growing up! The work station is fantastic!!! I think I need you to come out here and help me knock out a couple rooms!!! Is he just so pumped?!? Have a great weekend you and great work!!!!

  2. Wow Mindy- his room turned out fabulous. It's very interactive and full of details for him which I think is wonderful. The table for him to do art or schoolwork is cute and I like the little bucket holders you created. My daughter had a fascination for turtles too. I still have all of them in storage. The closet looks like it works well. The extra storage on the door is a big surprise! I bet he's super happy with this- it looks like the kitty approves!

  3. Wow!! He must be the happiest kid on the planet! Did you get pictures of his face from the big reveal? You did an awesome job without spending a fortune. Are the two girls rooming together now?

  4. Mindy, I love it all! My favorite pieces are the white IKEA pendant light - so perfect for the space - the marquee letter (pinned!), and the map. You're an awesome mom!!

  5. I am sure this was a lot of hard work and his new room is amazing! You are a very detail oriented mama! All of the shelving in his room is awesome too - and so is the closet! Great work!

  6. You are supermom! This room is amazing! Loving that marquee C light!

  7. Seriously girl, you should be on TV. This is very, very cool. What lucky Kid! I love how the kitty is enjoying the room too. In fact on the bed where she's all rolled up she almost looks like a turtle. And speaking of turtles, I would have grabbed that driftwood turtle in a heartbeat. What a neat addition. Okay now I'm going to find out about that marquee C. :)

  8. Ooooh, this is awesome. I love that pencil sharpener, and the little desk, and all of those turtles. I have been struggling with the cost of the Ikea buckets too and just might have to steal your idea. Sweet. Love the quilt. Great job.

  9. What a fun redo and I love that it was a surprise.

    I love your idea of the little rod with the cans. I might have to copy that.

  10. It looks fantastic! Y'all did an amazing job in such a short period of time. Hope he had the happiest birthday ever!

  11. World's best mom award!!! What a great room - love all the storage - perfect for every kid's collections! Your angry birds are such a great idea too!

  12. So cute!! and super organized!! Good job--I love the storage.

  13. Mindy this room is so great!! I really really love the trees and I'm glad he wanted to keep them because it would have hurt my heart for you to have to paint over them. So great!!!

  14. And just where were you 30 something years ago when my two boys were little, hmmm? Not born yet, most likely heehee! I would have LOVED to create something similar if I were as smart and creative as you! WOW!

    1. Too sweet. I was born, but not necessarily doing room makeovers at the age of 8. :) Thanks so much for such a nice comment!

  15. The whole makeover only took 24 hours to do? Wow! I’m sure your son was very excited when he saw it. I can’t believe you’ve been able to do a lot for such a short amount of time. I have to say I love what you have done to the room, especially the lighted C. The bed looks great as well. Great job! :D
    Roberta Fox @ Mattress Glendale

  16. Such an adorable space! Thank you for sharing it with me! I love the bedding and all of the cute touches. :)


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