Monday, January 20, 2014

Turtle Brownie Cupcakes + The Birthday Boy

Another birthday down.  We celebrated The Kid's 8th birthday with family, and a few friends, at the house on Saturday.  He requested Mexican food, so I did a taco bar.  I guess, technically, it was a burrito bar.  Big flour tortillas, meat, beans, and all the fixin's.

The Girl got a Princess cookbook for Christmas and one of the recipes in it is for cupcakes with turtles on top.  My turtle lovin' boy got one look at 'em and deemed them his 8th birthday dessert.  He didn't want the chocolate cake called for in the recipe, though.  He wanted The Mom's Mint Oreo Brownies.  No complaints here!

I made cream cheese frosting for the top, tinted a light blue-green, then did the turtles on top of that.  I was unable to find the Spearmint Leaves suggested for the legs, so I used some sort of sour apple straw candy.  The body is sour apple rings.  Green spiced gumdrops for the head and center of the body.  Mini chocolate chips for eyes.  Yeah, don't do what my sister did and take a bite of everything all together.  NASTY.  I'm still laughing at her.  "Interesting flavor combination."  Ya think?!  Gross.  I pulled all the turtle parts off and ate the frosting-covered brownie.  The kids didn't care.  They're kids.  They thought they were great, apple-mint-spice drop-cream cheese frosting, and all.

They sort of look more like aliens, than turtles, but he didn't care. He got his turtle cupcakes.

Of, course, I had to get the birthday candle shots.

And random shots from the rest of the evening.
A table full of burrito-eatin' kids.
There were nine of the little monsters all together, including siblings, cousins, and two friends from school.

I don't think my sister-in-law has shown up on the ol' blog yet.
She's The Dad's brother's wife.
She'll be very happy about these candid photos.  :)
They have twin boys The Kid's age.

My sis, clearly very serious about her burrito rolling.

The Kid, enjoying his requested meal.

My brother-in-law was talkin' smack about the amount of cheese I had grated.
He's showing what's left AFTER dinner.
Not including the bowl of pepper jack.
What?  I like cheese.
My sister said he was still talking about it on Sunday, confused by the quantity.
I could say the same thing about the rice consumption at his house, ahem.

The madness of present time.

I love this next one:  
A giant dog head.
 A glimpse at the shape my armchairs are in (yes, both arms of both chairs are like that - send money now).
 And what in the heck is Baby doing?!

Happy boy.

Grammy and Baby.
And Baby's unfortunate hair.
It's like Rod Stewart.
Sort of.

Or was it basketball?

And last, two out of the four Mom Club members.
One of the others decided to go out to celebrate her own birthday, rather than party with the kids.
Geesh, talk about selfish.
And yours truly was behind the camera.
Oh yeah, and two of the other halves snuck in.
Mine being one of them.

'Twas a fun night, for kids and adults alike.

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  1. Your turtle cupcakes were spot on! They look like the little guys from Nemo! And a very Happy Birthday to your kiddo...he looks sooo happy in those shots! I was laughing about the cheese and for sure the baby looking at her belly and the Rod Stewart hair....She is a doll!!! So lovely to see a room full of joy! A very wonderful week to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Lainie (sp?) is SO MUCH CUTER than Rod Stewart could ever be. Her hair is adorable. Your candid shot of her looking at her belly button is adorable. And the photo bomb of your dog. Too funny! The boy looks so sweet and happy, bless his heart. And the cupcakes look EXACTLY like turtles, not aliens, you silly girl. Giving you crap about the amount of cheese you grated? He must not realize that grated cheese keeps and that, resourceful gal that you are, you'd find a multitude of other uses for it. :) Great fun. Thanks for sharing Mindy.

  3. Wow! Those turtle cupcakes are very cool! Lucky kid!
    Looks like a very successful party indeed. Thanks for sharing the great dcorating ideas.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Once Baby's birthday is under my belt, I'm looking forward to sitting on my butt for the following couple of weeks. :)


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