Tuesday, October 14, 2014

House Crasher: Rustic Industrial Glam

We did a progressive dinner with friends last week.  They had finished some projects at their house that I was super excited to see, and they hadn't seen our kitchen remodel yet.

First up, they planked one entire wall of their living room.  I lust after photos of this wall treatment all the time, but had yet to see one in person.  It's SO much cooler in real life than it is on Pinterest.  Ha!

I don't know where "Rustic Industrial Glam" came from, or if that's even a real thing, but that's immediately what I thought of.
Their ceilings are super tall and the boards go all the way up.
My pictures don't do it justice.
It's so beautiful in person.

She'll be mad if I don't mention the room isn't "done."  Ha!
They're still trying to decide what to do with the TV wall.
She's thinkin' a big chunky piece of wood as a sort of mantle.
I suggested a gallery wall around the television to help it blend in.
Whatever she does, based on the rest of the house, it'll be amazing.

I didn't get a closeup of it, but the light over the white chair is a glitzy chandelier that they put inside of two rusty metal rings.

I really wish I could have gotten better photos of the lights.
I should have turned them off, darnit.
But the sconces on the wood wall were perfect.
They had crystal shades.
She said originally, they came with more hang-downs, but she opted to leave them off.

The light over the dining table was perfect, too.
They found it at Home Depot.

I had to take pictures of the dinner table, 'cause it looked so pretty with all the lights dimmed.

Okay, upward we go.
They did a similar wall treatment in their bedroom, but with a herringbone pattern.
She did a whole post on how they did it, with lots of pictures.
You can see it here:

They also stripped, sanded, and restained the enormous bed and dresser.

Gah, are you kidding me?
Is that wall not amazing?
And check out the wall art.

I die.
The lamp on the bed is amazing, too.

I saved my favorite for last.
I seriously wanted to smuggle this light out in my purse.
And I'm pretty sure the R.M. stands for Rindy Mae, so it should probably be mine too, no?

They made it.
I love it.
I want it.

So cool.
They also put up faux brick paneling on two walls in another room, and I got to see it with the white wash on it, but didn't get any photos.
She sent me pictures after painting a third wall with chalkboard paint.
I'll have to go back over once they get everything put back in the space.
It's gonna be so awesome.
You can see progress pictures of it here:

And yes, I came home and wanted to start busting out all kinds of projects after seeing all of theirs.
And did.
The next day, I committed to a treatment on the backside of the kitchen peninsula wall. 
And it was FREE.
The Dad got all but one little part finished.
So pictures of that will be coming soon.
Now, to finally decided on a backsplash....and I'm on the cusp of finally going with my gut (and the not-so-subtle hint of every room I've ever pinned on Pinterest), and painting the dining room and kitchen walls white.
Do you have a favorite white wall color?
There are SO dang many!!!

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  1. Yooooou! You take the most beautiful photos. Thank you Mindy! And a class A+ + + friend: Ty for the "not done yet" disclaimer, that's a real friend right there! 😄 you made my night, Ty!

  2. ooooo I love those crystal sconces on the rustic wood wall! And that chandelier is perfect juxtaposed with the wall too. Just lovely!

  3. What a great space! I'm LOVING the herringbone wall in their bedroom! So many great details throughout their space. The open nature of their floor plan welcomes incredible furniture placement and decor ideas. Keep us posted as their home continues to evolve.
    Thanks for sharing!


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