Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY Globe Lights: Antonio Dinner

I'm back with another installment of the Antonio Dinner.

I saw this idea on Pinterest ages ago.  I found the ping pong balls at the Dollar Store, so I picked up several packs the last time I was there. They came eight to a package, for a dollar.  The hard part was finding the string of lights.  It's not really a year-round thing the stores stock.

I ran into Walgreen's the day of our dinner for some votive candles and guess what they were loadin' up onto the shelves.  Christmas lights.  Wahoo!  I grabbed a string of 20 for $3 bucks and headed home to get my craft on.

It maybe took all of ten minutes, start to finish.  And that included taking things out of the package, finding my craft knife, and scrounging up an extension cord.

I just cut a small X in each ball with my craft knife and popped them over the bulbs.
The end.

I think they turned out SO cute and they're super fun hanging in the dining room.

Now I wanna make a whole bunch!
Wouldn't they be cute on a Christmas tree?
Or hanging in swoops from the ceiling.
Or in the kids' rooms.
Or on outside trees.
Or, or, or.
I love them.
Thank you, Pinterest.
Speaking of Pinterest, I used a secret board to round up ideas for the dinner.
That way, my sister wouldn't see all my planning pins.
It's public now and you can check out all my inspiration here:
I'll be back next week to share the rest of the dinner, including more fall decor and the menu.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you- I am sooo going to make these this Fall/winter. What a clever, clever idea! xo Diana

  2. UM YES!!!! I AM MAKING THESE! How cool for trees outside....the possibilities are endless! Thanks friend for sharing this one!!! Nicole xo

  3. Clever idea to use ping pong balls for the lights. They're so much brighter. I love the look!

  4. Love love love love love. Going to copy this idea, Mindy. Thank you for giving a little twinkle in a otherwise frozen day.

    1. Thanks, Tamara! My mom said she's gonna try it with colored lights. I think they're so fun. I'm sure you'll find a spot for some! :)

  5. Mindy,
    What a fun idea! I think the lights look fantastic. This is a defintely "must do" for this holiday season. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Super cute idea!
    Love the lights behind the table setting. It's so pretty!
    I'm a big fan of globe lights, which look very similar to yours.


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