Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Dog

This dog right here.

I just don't have the words.

We got that snow day I was wishing for.
I woke up to a blanket of white this morning.
Yes, an inch and a half is a snow day in Portland, Oregon.
The kids played in it all. day. long.
And so did this girl.

I wish my blurry pictures could convey to you how fast she is.
She is so insanely fast.
The kids had her out front most of the day, but I took her out back, just she and I, and played with her.
I just stomp my feet and yell HAAAA, and she's off like a rocket.

She got sidetracked when she caught a whiff of her frisbee, or "crispy" as Baby calls it.
Once she discovered where it was buried, it was moments before she had it dug up.

Her favorite game in the universe is hide and seek.
The kids play it with her in the house at least once a day.
One of them holds her while the other two hide.
Then they let her go and she takes off through the house, with her nose to the ground, until she finds them.
Playing it outside is hilarious, and impossible to do without laughing out loud.
When I "creep" her, I yell HAAAA when I find her, and she takes off like a bat outta hell.
But most of the time, she's "creeping" me.

I've been spotted.

I don't know if my photos will convey the difference in her demeanor from when she's stalking me, and I'm stalking her, but to me, her body language and facial expressions are night and day.
This is me, coming up on her.

Her eye contact never ceases to amaze me.

GAH, this dog.
She's somethin' I tell ya.
I could gush like she's my kid.
So smart.
She counts the kids when I pick them up from school.
If there's one missing, she runs through the house looking until she finds them, or until I tell her they're somewhere else.
So sweet.
Hugs and snuggles and belly rubs whenever you need them.
So good with the kids.
Like, obsessively loves them and doesn't want them to do anything without her.
And, such a little shit sometimes.
It's impossible to vacuum without her attacking it the entire time.
She comes running any time she hears the dishwasher open because she wants to lick every dish and piece of silverware she can get her tongue on.
But, just what the heart ordered after losing my Maddie girl last year.
This dog, (Libby Lou Who, as she is best known, as of late), is kinda my girl.


  1. I'm so glad she's working out so well. I remember following your trials and tribulations of housebreaking on FB. She sounds like a winner.

  2. We're at the winding down point with our beloved little dog. It does me good to see others can move on and have their hearts full again. Right now all I see is a looming big empty spot.

  3. Ahh what cute pictures! She sounds like she's a lot of fun- and the kids are enjoying her a lot! She sounds pretty darn smart too!
    Our son just flew back to Portland and left snow in Michigan not expecting to see it there! Dogs always seem to enjoy snow- especially the first snow. That's cute how she discovered her frisbee! Sound like you all made the best out of the day!

  4. sweet sweet post about 'your girl'. Love it!!

  5. It looks like your dog is perfect for your family. I can't wait until we have our own dog. It was so exciting to have snow! I think we got a lot more freezing rain though. Happy New Year!

  6. Aw, I'm so happy for you. She is just lovely. As a matter of fact, she would look perfect beside our Joe. Tell her when she gets older we have a beau picked out for her.

  7. Just checking in.... she looks like a bundle of energy.... I have a close friend who ranches in Colorado and has border collies.... amazing intelligence! And the energy!!! How do you keep up! Larry

  8. What a fun pup! I love all of the photos and are amazed at how fast YOU captured in her your shots. My favorite one is the close up her just looking at you from behind a pot. What a beauty!

  9. Your post made me laugh out loud!
    Your pup is CRAZY cute!!! I could eat her up with kisses!!
    Love seeing her in your photos :0)


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