Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me: My Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Today's my birthday.  Yay!  What better time to do a post about my surprise party from LAST year?!  Ha!

So here's how it went down...
My birthday is on the 23rd, but earlier in the month, I was told my sister and her husband had a gift certificate to some restaurant, and we were invited to go to dinner with them.
On the evening of, I got ready to go and we stopped in at a local haunt for a drink first because we were early.
We headed over to my sister's house to meet up, because they were going to drive.
When we walked in the front door, I went into complete shock.
I honestly had NO CLUE.
There were faces I hadn't seen in forever.
Friends from old jobs, family from out of town, people I hardly ever see anymore because of kids, and life.
I just stood there, awkward and speechless.
With six chins.
And I have pictures to prove it.
You're welcome.

My mom and sister did a flower theme, and there were literally flowers everywhere.
Even the bathtub had flowers and floating candles.
And so. much. food.

Champagne and a shot once I got my coat off.

My ex-boyfriend's aunt and uncle, their daughter-in-law, and The Dad.

My friend's husband, my sister-in-law, my friend from a job I had at a nursery in 2001, and his partner.

Friend and sis.

Friend, sis, and cousin's wife.

My cousin and his wife.

Aunt and cousin.

Aunt and her boyfriend.

On the couch is a friend from my second job, many moons ago, at Lloyd Center Pharmacy, and her husband.

A friend from a restaurant job, 2002/2003, on the left.
It's long gone, but we affectionately called it The Shit Shack.

The massive amounts of food, all done by my mom and sister.

The Happy Birthday song, with piano accompaniment, even.

More pics of me and my people hangin'.

Being silly.

My mom and step-dad.

Me, mom, and sis.

Six chins be gone!

Annnnd, they're back.

Mom and aunt.

Our friends, who you may remember getting engaged from one of my sister's annual Christmas party posts.
They just had a baby and he's so. dang. cute.

My ex-boyfriend's cousin and his wife.
I met him when he was sixteen.
Holy moly.

Couch crew.

Me and my brother-in-law.

Present time!

It's like they know me or something.

Another shot.  ;)

My very first purple insulator, sent from Grace, who was invited but couldn't make it.

 Attempting to get it together for a group photo.

Waiting for the camera man.

The four amigos.

End of the night chillaxin'.

And there ya have it.
My 2015, surprise 40th birthday party.
So fun.
Tonight, we have plans to go to dinner with my sis and brother-in-law, while my mom watches the kids.
But I've had some sort of creepin' crud for a week now, that doesn't wanna go away.
Spent a couple hours at Urgent Care yesterday with no diagnosis other than, Benign Positional Vertigo.
Doesn't explain all the other weird, random symptoms, though, so I guess I need to get in to my regular doctor, who's gone for two weeks.
Anywho, I may be celebrating 41 on the couch with the fam.
Which is okay, too.
And then, in a blink, it's Christmas Eve.
Holy moly.
Onto 2017 we go.....


  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! How fun - hope you feel better.
    Steer Manure eh? Now I know how you have the fabulous garden you do! :-)

  2. What great fun that must have been! Hope you feel better...

  3. Fun fun fun...happy happy birthday Miss Mindy! By the way, I mistook your sister for you. Wowsers...I bet you've never heard that before.

    Looks like a fun party! :)

  4. I hope you feel better, trying to celebrate Christmas while sick is tedious. I cackled when I saw the bag of manure. The purple insulator is a great gift. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!! Looks like you had a fabulous 40th bday! All that food looks absolutely perfect! Hope you feel better before Christmas and you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!


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