Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Dog: A Christmas Gift

It's the Christmas gift that almost made me cry.  Almost.  I'm pretty good at stifling emotions at this point in my life.  ;)

So that's a photo of our late Maddie Girl at the Rock Farm, I believe in 2010.
I have a black and white version of it framed by my computer.
I can glance up and see it right now.

The above, was a Christmas gift for our family, from my brother-in-law.
You guys.
I thought it was a photo when we first opened it.

Contrair, Mofrair.
That is his handy work with oil pastels.
Let's look closer, shall we?


I could not love it more.

Thank you, Uncle Sherwin.
Ya got skills.


  1. No kidding, he's got skills! I love it. And I know it must mean the world to you, Mindy. And your entire family. How long did it take him? What a tremendously thoughtful gift.

  2. Ah, we love that Sherwin!! What a beautiful, heartfelt gift. My cousin did a pencil sketch of Little Miss Libby and when I opened that baby, I definitely cried (not as skilled as you). What a perfect gift.

  3. Awwwww some!!!! in more ways than one.

  4. Tha's a wonderful surprise gift! He did a fantastic job with it. Such talent!

  5. What a sweet and beautiful gift. And how wonderful to have family that are so talented and thoughtful. Hugs.

  6. Beautiful!!!! And so thoughtful!


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