Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Christmas Ornaments 2016

Family members, no peeking at this year's ornaments.
You'll see them in a few days.
Move along.


As is the case every year, I make ornaments for all the kiddos in the family, as well as a few adults.
Generally I stick to one or two different ones, but for whatever reason, this year I was all over the place.
I'll just start throwin' out photos.
Up first, we have succulents.
I painted white foam, cut out leaf shapes, hot glued them to a skewer, then stuck them down inside insulin bottles that I got from our neighbor.
A twirl of copper wire around the neck and they're done.
I made three of them.

Next up, I only made two of these.
I had some old spice cans, so I turned them into birdhouses, of course.  ;)

Moving right along, I generally do the same thing for all the kids, but this year, The Kid got a one-of-a-kind.
He's my turtle lover, so I made him a turtle out of an acorn, wooden head, and felt.
Silly, but cute.
I love his little butt with a nubby tail.   

All the other kids are getting pinecone hedgehogs.
I made the most of these.
I think there are eight.
The girls already picked theirs out.
Baby, of course went with the pink flower, The Girl chose the cream colored flower.
The remaining will go to the other boys and girls in the family.

And last, this was a random buy at Joann's, only because they were so tiny and cute I couldn't walk away.
I had no clue what I was going to do with them, mind you, but they wanted to come home with me.
Mini peg people.
One of my favorite projects was painting the peg people for my niece, and then for Baby another year.
So I decided to paint our three kids for my mom, and my niece and nephew for my sister.
I drilled holes in their heads to make them ornaments.
They're so tiny!

This is The Kid.

The Girl.




And there ya have it.
All the ornaments of 2016.
As of this moment, it is officially snowing.
And sticking.
Time to get my tumbler of hot buttered rum and go pick up the kids from school......


  1. Oh my goodness....they're all so cute! I love the succulents and spice container ones.

  2. You are amazingly creative. I love the peg people! How on earth do you get all of these crazy, cute projects done while still being the top, school helping mom?? I bet everyone loved their ornaments. Happy Holidays!


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