Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Because

Last Sunday we had a beautiful day, so I finally got out into the front yard to do some spring cleanup.  I may have had a couple new ranunculus and primroses jump in my cart at the grocery store.  They made their way into the garden to join their friends, as well.

And one of my favorite things about spring, the bouquets picked and arranged by The Kid for his mommy.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous that your flower beds look that good already. The only thing blooming in mine are the weeds. Argh! Love the bouquet, so sweet!

  2. Wow, flowers would be awesome right now. Looks amazing. We have maybe two inches of stem on daffodils, but that's it.

  3. Oh my goodness Mindy!!! Everything is so gorgeous! All the different colors are AMAZING. This would make me so happy looking out on all of this everyday :)

  4. Got lost in your Pinterest pages for a while... nice. I also loved seeing your blooming beauties. Best wishes, Linda

  5. Gorgeous! This is what a yard can look like in March in Orgeon? Wow! We live in the mountains of Colorado and spring feels (and is!) a long way off. Spring hits our place in June!
    Enjoy yours...really beautiful!

  6. Loved seeing your beautiful garden. I won't have flowers until the end of May.


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