Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Lungwort Is Blooming!

I can't remember how long ago my mom gave me a piece of this, but it has since been divided into three clumps.  Those three clumps have spread like wildfire.  It's such a pretty blue. 

Last year, she gave me a start of one we've always called Speckled Spring.
It's just now starting to bloom.


  1. We used to have lungwort at our place and I used to love how awesome it grew. Pretty blue is right.

  2. So pretty! Wish I had your green thumb...only thing I can grow consistently are weeds :)

  3. Lungworts NEVER lie. If they say it's spring, then it's definitely spring. There is no more negotiating. It's a done deal. Does this sound convincing? I hope Mother Nature is reading this. :) Wonderful photos!

  4. I'm super jealous of your flower garden. Just saying. *sigh*

  5. I've never seen lungwort and it's
    really beautiful,, especially with
    the yellow flowers in the background.
    Following from Tuesdays Garden Party.

  6. Beautiful! What a nice big patch of lungwort you have and already in bloom. My 2 plants are only budding now.
    I love the lilac in your header.

  7. Goodness, yours is lovely! I've only got one pink one and it is just in buds now - and it doesn't spread very much at all. Gee, you've always got a picture of something I want in my garden... :-)


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