Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Is In The Air: A Kid Lunch

More like rain is in the air, but a girl can dream, can't she?

The Kid has been home from school all week for spring break.  So far, today is the only day I've wanted to kill them.  We haven't done anything exciting outside of the house.  Going to places where there are mobs of other kids is not my gig.  We've done A LOT of coloring.  A lot.  Watched movies.  Read books.  Played board games.  And quite a bit of just layin' around with each other.  Not a bad way to spend the week.

Today's Fun Food Friday lunch was inspired by several pins on my Kid Lunch Ideas board.  Flowers are pretty easy, and since it's officially spring and all...

I used cucumbers, carrots, cheddar cheese, dried cranberries, grapes, bananas, mini M&M's, and the creature at the bottom is peanut butter and honey on a whole wheat tortilla.  It's supposed to be a snail.  Tilt your head and use your imagination.  The rest of the roll-up was consumed separately....I couldn't get it to fit.

Here's lunch on the plate:

I'm glad it's Friday, but sorry to see the week go.
But, it's family movie night!  This will be our third Friday of a new weekly activity.  I decided we needed something to look forward to during the week as a family.  
The kids and I walk to the Red Box and they take turns choosing a kid-friendly movie.  Then they get to pick out a treat from the store.  And I get to pick one for The Dad and I.  :o)  So far we've seen Puss And Boots and Gnomeo And Juliet.  We've tried to get Tangled, but it's always out.  It's The Kid's pick this week, so we'll see what we get.  
Now, if it would stop raining for 30 minutes so we could get out the door, that would be greeaaaat.
Happy Friday!


  1. It's snowing here, hard. Freaky weather. Your spring plate looks especially nice.

  2. These lunches are just the coolest. I think I'd even be inspired to eat more veggies if they looked like this :)

  3. This is so gorgeous! Saw your knick name as the "rearranger" My poor hubby never knows where things will be when he gets home!

  4. Great post, a pity I don't have kids, but, on second thought I might make it for hubby!!
    I read you complaining about weather and I really feel jealous. Where I live it hadn't rained in a year, and we hardly ever see snow. And it used to snow.
    Snif snif!!


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