Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farmer's Market Lunch

I didn't plan to be MIA all week.  Just stuff goin' on that's kept me busy enough to stay off the computer.  Nothing too exciting and nothing very important.  Just real life.

Our neighborhood farmer's market opened today for the season.  YAY!!!!  If you're new here, we go every Sunday all summer and it's something we all look forward to.  It's within walking distance and it's small enough to be a perfect family outing without being chaotic.

My sister's family joined us this morning and some of the faculty from The Kid's school was there for opening day.  Overcast, but dry, we loaded up with goodies for a fun lunch.  The Dad cooked oysters over the fire and we devoured the spread with a bottle of white wine.  Not a bad way to kick off the season.

Here's lunch:

Have I mentioned lately how much I love picky foods?
So good.


  1. looks amazing! i would love to be with in walking distance to a farmer's market!! I'm about a good hour... and a small bus ride. That's what you get for living in the country hey? Hope fully my garden this year will give me plenty!

    1. away... a good hour and bus ride away....

  2. Looks amazing. Our market is still 2 weeks away and not within walking distance but a 3-minute drive so I'm not complaining, especially when Amy has to pack a lunch to get to hers.

  3. I wish our market was within walking distance - we went for the first time in April and the kids loved it - they had fun picking out items to try - they were so brave and tried tamales and peanut brittle - such adventurous eaters I'm raising - ha!

  4. ohmyword. I'm coming next time. I forgot how delicious it is! Maybe I can talk the whole fam into having lunch at the market next Sunday!


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