Thursday, June 7, 2012

Operation Clean Sweep

I found out at 10pm last night that my MIL is coming to town today.  My house is filthy.  It's picked up and looks clean from a distance, but it's filthy.  You know that pink slime that collects at the bottom of the shower curtain liner?  And the flies that like to commit suicide between the screen and the glass of the windows?  And the layer of dust that's on all the shelves above head level?  And the black, sticky, mini hand prints on every piece of white moulding?  Yeah, it's filthy.  And unfortunately I can't crop or edit it out in real life.

So in lieu of the regular scheduled programming, I've started at the back of the house and am working my way forward.  Shoveling the filth as I go.  Good times.

But hey, the yard looks good.  Ya think I could keep her out there the whole time?


  1. Well, if it's nice, I say go for it. The patio is the best place to be. I guess you should be safe and make it clean from the back door to the bathroom, lol.

  2. LOL...maybe she has bad eyesight? Sit her in a chair outdoors with tea, cookies, and the grandkids...should keep her busy for awhile.

  3. Good luck - blame the baby if you need to or think up some phantom sickness as she walks in the door and tell her everyone's contagious.

  4. OMGosh, Mindy, you'd better not come to my house anytime soon. It's awful. And the garden isn't much better. Hopefully MIL won't bring her white gloves.

    Sorry I've been away so long. Your purple Million Bells look so pretty.

  5. Oh man I go through this every time my MIL visits. She is a neat freak, and our house is never as clean as hers. I actually had to make a rule that she can't clean when she comes over. It makes me feel bad about myself haha!

  6. You just described my normal everyday house! Looks tidy from a glance, but don't look any closer :)

  7. People often ask me how I manage all that I do with three kids under three, etsy shop, and the farm...the secret...I let my house get messy =)
    You're a busy lady, anyway, I'm sure your MIL will be too busy playing with your kids to notice much else! But I totally know what you're feeling!

  8. Ha! You totally made me laugh out loud. Great to have dinner with you Wednesday! Have a great weekend with The Family.

    Cheers! ~Danielle


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