Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Backyard Smells Like Phlox

For the non-plant people, that's a good thing.  It's a sweet, spicy smell.  Similar to carnations.  So yummy.

I have several phlox in the backyard, but this one is always the first to bloom.

I always thought this was a Stoke's aster, but my mom swears it's a bachelor button.

This rose was here when I bought the house, so I don't know the name, but I love it.

I bought this plant last year and now I can't find the tag.

This penstemon came back from last year.

This is Salvia Chlapensis.  
It used to overwinter for me, but for the past several years I've lost it.
So this one is new to me this year.

This snapdragon overwintered and it's huge.

This raspberry is planted in an old metal stock pot.
It's our first year of getting berries!

Random deck shots.

The tree rose is blooming its little heart out.

The kids got their pots planted, with plants they picked all my themselves.

This jasmine has been with me a loooong time.
I bought it when I lived in a rental house, it moved to a second rental, and now it makes its home here.

The Kid planted radish seeds and ate his first one a couple days ago.

I got a start of this spirea from the next door neighbor's yard several years ago.

The lady's mantel is starting to bloom.

And although I'm not, the baby tears are enjoying this cold, wet weather.

That's it for the garden shots.
Today is The Kid's last day of kindergarten, which seriously blows my mind.
The Dad is coming home from work early so we can go pick him up together.
Sentimental kid shots will most likely be showing up tomorrow.


  1. Ha, great post. So much there. I love that mystery flower - so unique. Love the garden signs for the kids and how excited must Carter have been to eat that radish. Looks fabulous.

  2. Lovely garden! You have such a wonderful variety of plants.

  3. Your kid's gardens with the labels are too sweet! And so many blooms - that plant with the red blooms that you can't remember the name of is the strangest looking thing I've ever seen! :-)

  4. You have so much going on it's amazing! Loved the pictures

    I like the children's garden too! :)


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