Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunny Sunday Supper With Scapes

Say that ten times fast.

We were graced with sunshine again on Sunday, so we did our weekly trek to the farmer's market.  We loaded up on tons of veggies and fruit, most of which have been consumed, and ate ice cream cones in the sun.

I've seen them around a lot lately, but hadn't tried garlic scapes yet.  I highly recommend them.  Super yummy.  I drizzled them with olive oil, seasoned them with salt and pepper and we cooked them over some briquets in the fire pit.  The texture was similar to asparagus, but they definitely have a bitey garlic taste.  Really good.

Here's our Sunday in photos:


  1. ohmygod. that artichoke!?! looks AMAZING. Fab day mama.

  2. Makin' me hungry (as usual). A friend of mine sent me pickled scapes and they were amazing. I kept putting them in my am omelettes. Mmmmm. Never had them this way but will not be giving it a shot.

  3. Love the pictures of you with that sweet little girl :)

  4. Never hear of them. I'll be on the look out now! The rest of dinner looks to die for. Company looks pretty fun too!!


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