Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween-Themed Birthday Party

The Girl had been asking for a Barbie party for months.  Including a Barbie cake.  I was stressin' over that dang thing for weeks.  A few days before her birthday, I may have slipped some comments in about picking a new theme.  Just suggestions.  Nothing forced. Lucky me, she threw out the idea of having a Halloween party. YES!  So a Halloween party was had.

I picked up some cheap decorations at the Dollar Store, dug through stuff I already had, and my mom brought along some things to use, as well.

I had just seen a fun spider cake on one of the blogs I read, so I went with that.  It's a four-layer Oreo cake with homemade whipped cream and Oreo frosting.  The spiders on top and around the sides are mini and regular Oreos, with black frosting legs and candy eyes.  I was able to make the cake and frosting ahead of time, then assemble everything at the Rock Farm the day of her party.  Soooooo much easier than a Barbie cake.

Here's our weekend at the Rock Farm:

Another Rock Farm birthday success.

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  1. You are the only person I know who would include orange flowers for the halloween party. Everything looks spectacular,..the cake, the spiders, those ugly crows, lol. Awesome

  2. Adorable! I'll bet she never forgets this birthday!

  3. Oh come on!! That cake rocks friend! It is so stinking cute and so is your girl! She looks just like you!! And I just love that shot with her and her fancy shoes! So secretly glad that this was the theme! The table is adorable and those pumpkins..too cute! Did you paint those??? So glad you all had an awesome time!!!

  4. Hi Mindy: Everything is so cute for this party! I love the Halloween nail polish and the pretty shoes! Also love the Oreo spider cake with the squiggly candles--too cool! I bet everyone loved it.

  5. What a fun party! That cake is stinking cute!!! And so is your girl :) Her putting on those fancy shoes is a great pic.


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