Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 18

Geesh, I haven't done a kitchen update in a long time.  There's a reason for that.  We hadn't done anything to the kitchen in a long time.  Like, since before Christmas.  But we're back in business. Sort of.

I finally got some shelves back up and was able to unpack a few more things.  The majority of my blue glass is still in boxes, but I hope to remedy that over the next week by getting the soffit shelving back up.  Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here's what I have accomplished:

I had one of my dahlia photos printed and I stuck it in a frame I already had.

I have it on the little counter to the left of the fridge.

I also put a little bowl there to collect keys and random things that The Dad brings home in his pockets.

Above the counter, I reused the shelves that were in the kitchen prior to gutting everything.
I just had to cut them down a bit to fit on the little wall.

After I took these pictures, I rehung the calendar on the fridge end panel.
It used to be where the shelves are now.
Without a cell phone, or any other electronic device, it's how I track what's goin' on for the month.
The old-fashioned way.  :)

Here's a few closeups of the shelves.
I was excited to dig out some of my favorite things again.

We actually put the trim up above the cabinets in November, but never got around to caulking and painting it.  I think one of the posts I did at Christmas time showed some of it, but here's a reminder of how it looked before we did that.

This next picture shows where we had to build out the soffit to match where the new upper cabinets ended.

I just recently got all that sanded, primed, and painted.
So here we are now.

And, of course, while I pulled things out of boxes, I rearranged things on the counters a bit.
So here's how everything looks now, including all of the, finally, painted trim.

That's another one of my photos from the yard, again, in a frame I dug out from under the bed.  :)

We weren't sure how to end the trim above the cabinets on either side of the sink without it looking weird, so we ended up just going straight across with it.
I think if I were to do it again, I would have taken that section of soffit out above the sink.
Then the trim could have wrapped the corner, and the area above the sink where the light is, would have gone all the way up to the ceiling.
But I think it turned out good the way we did it.

You can see here that we still haven't built a new window sill.
The Dad has his saw out in the driveway working on quarter-round, so maybe he'll get to that, as well, before the day is over.

So there it is.
Still on the to-do list:

* Backsplash
* Planks on the ceiling
* Ceiling trim (a cheap version of crown molding) in kitchen and dining room
* Baseboards and quarter-round
* Install lights over counter between kitchen and dining room

Not far now.

You can purchase the dahlia photograph here:

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  1. I adore your garden photos. You should sell those babies. :) I love all the touches that you have added to the kitchen shelves and counter. My hubby would love ours to look like that but I'm too lazy to dust. ;)

  2. Mindy- Your kitchen is looking really great. You have come a LONG WAY BABY! I remember all the mess you went through with it. Loving all your sweet touches that make it uniquely yours...and that dahlia picture is wonderful!!!! xo Diana

  3. It looks beautiful friend! I mean...your pieces that you have collected really add such a richness and warmth to your space! LOVE those shelves and you did such a wonderful job on that chalkboard art!!! Well done on your garden shots by the way and the trim looks fantastic! High fives friend!!! A wonderful week ahead to you!! NIcole xoxo

  4. lookin good. How are you liking the Ikea cabinets? I'm hoping next year is the year for a kitchen update for us and am leaning towards Ikea for the price,

  5. Your kitchen is just lovely. I really like your flower photographs, and that pitcher of narcissus makes me smile :) And you know how much I love bird objects, so of course I love all the little birdies in your displays, and I also adore blue glass bottles, so I think your collection is wonderful.

  6. Looks great. Can't wait to see the backsplash!

  7. You're so close and it's looking SO great! I love your little shelves over your counter the fridge and blackboard glad you put that counter there. Any added storage is a major bonus, huh?

  8. Your kitchen looks lovely! All your hard work and patience finally paid off. And with a little work left to do like backsplash, planks on the ceiling, etc., everything will be in order. I hope you will no longer encounter a problem so you can finish it according to your plan.


  9. I love that little corner section you have. It is a great use of space. We have a corner like that in our kitchen and I have always been annoyed with its placement. Maybe we can just put in a little cabinet or some shelving. We always need more space for food and kitchen utensils. This might be our weekend.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  10. Well, for being undone the kitchen looks stunning! I love the white cabinets. It definitely has a home-like vibe to it! Have you thought about what type of lighting to place in the kitchen? Lighting under the cabinets or even on the top of the cabinets can give a nice subtle light without clashing with the white color.

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

  11. You did an amazing job!! Your kitchen is stunning. I'm so impressed. thanks for sharing with us
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