Thursday, February 27, 2014

Word Up Wednesday #9

I know, I'm a day late for this to be Word Up Wednesday, but I ran out of minutes yesterday.  Better late than never, right?

Let's go with some feel good, motivational ones this week, shall we?

Today I Will Choose Joy

You Can Go Your Own Way

Be thankful

Count your blessings.

 I need to read this every morning.
Our Problems

Happy People




listen to your dreams


The time will pass anyway.

It will work



Too smart


Love your decisions.

Go do them.

She did not need much.

fall in love with your life


Too legit to quit

Personal Reminder

Happy Folks


You will never influence the world by trying to be like it


when life gives you more than you can stand, kneel.

Believe them

Pretty amazing life

Roald Dahl




If you weren't afraid.

 Believe it.  Live it.

So she did

Life that feels good on the inside.

Don't wait.

Heart Whispers

Just Do It.

Things that make ya go, hmmmmmmm.

Now it all makes sense.



You are not a tree.

Mark Twain

 Things that matter most

Blind World

Respond to every call that excites your spirit.

Do that.

wise words


Quote by Aristotle


Dear Haters

I need this shirt.

Don't do it.

Never forget the things you have...

always be thankful

Thank you

happiness is (susannah tucker photograph)


Start where you are....

Decide to be it

Go out on a limb....

Be you.

Be so happy...

And now, I present to you, your laugh for the day.

Petting zoo - laughed out loud.

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  1. There are so many here that I have to pin!!! Gosh I feel like I can do anything after reading your post! Like it is time to just go after it!! Thank you friend for inspiring today. I feel thankful to have you as a pal!! All the best this weekend! Nicole xoxo

  2. That next to last quote about being happy speaks to me. I once had a lady tell me that I always looked like I knew an inside joke which made her smile every time she looked at me- xo Diana

  3. These are funny and thought-provoking. I like the one by Win Borden--I tried to follow that as I worked on our little library redo, just kept telling myself it doesn't have to be perfect, just done, and it really helped me keep going and enjoy the process a lot more--I'm way too much of a perfectionist, and it's just draining when I realize I'll never be that good :)


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