Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Word Up Wednesday #7

Trying to commit to a theme for one of these posts is hard.  But I've decided to go down the diet road.  It's February, everyone is trying to lose those extra pounds they packed on in November and December, (why do they go on so much easier than they come off?) and sad but true, bathing suit season will be here before we know it.  Not that I've put one on in the last nine years, but ya know.

Threw my back out


Get a cookie


pretend we worked out

Just in case

I wonder if eating burns calories?

Wine Run
Pretty much

Why yes...yes it does!!

Can't run

Just Kidding.

Did you just say food?

Carrots or Wine, that is the question.

Zero Calorie Drink

Nope, not in the fridge

...for bacon...

It's sad.

I don't exercise.

Wine Aerobics

Crack in a bag

I never run with scissors.

Dude, chill...

Busted can of biscuits

Take that.

I'm in.

Because it's heaven in my mouth.

I wanted to.

Lean Cuisine


LOL - buy me food

Sounds like my kind of dieting

funny how that happens...

And in case you were wondering, I just polished off two Chocolate No-Bakes.
And a glass of wine.

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  1. hilarious and true. And sadly, I am sitting here eating chips (which must be coated in heroin) that I don't even really like. You nailed me.

  2. HA!!!! Let me just say that that is me in every single one of those! I am having some issues with food these days! Seeing as we can't leave our house to trot around outside due to ice, snow and below zero temps! Loved em and I love food!

  3. I'm laughing hysterically,...mostly over the "and A glass of wine",...because "A" glass of wine? you? he he he,......also - no that was it. :)


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