Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Dinner 2014

Well, it was another year of dinner at home for the big V-Day.  I did it similar to last year:  Champagne and appetizers ready when The Dad got home from work.  Then dinner and dessert.

Here's Valentine's Day this year at our house:

The table is set.

A present for The Dad.
I'll post about it later this week.
It would be a good DIY gift for any special occasion.
Or just because.

Sparkling wine is chillin'.

Appetizers are out.
Strawberries and cheese on one plate.

Balsamic-Glazed Pork Belly on another.
Yes, crispy, delicious pooork.

Wine is decanting and candles are lit.

My mom dropped off goody bags for the kids, so I put those at their places.

The Dad's home....time to pour the bubbly.

He brought me a card and flowers.
He even picked them out, separately, and ARRANGED them himself.
He tied them with a rubberband so they'd stay pretty until he got them home.

Time to eat.
I made a salad with green apples, Flagship cheese and candied nuts.

The main course was sort of a one-pot mishmash.
I sauteed up some onions and garlic with linguica.
Then poured in some white wine, chicken broth and garbanzo beans.
Seasoned everyone up and let it simmer.
Right before we ate, I stirred in some spinach.
I had Manchego to grate on the top, but forgot about it.
Then a heart-shaped fried egg on top.
Some of the eggs turned out better than others.

The Dad likes his yolks runny.

And The Mom's egg-free dinner.

And now, I present to you, The best brownie I've ever eaten in my life.
I got the recipe here.
Fudgy, dark chocolate, gooey, goodness.
It was amazing.
I cooked up some frozen raspberries with about a tablespoon of sugar for the sauce.
Powdered sugar sprinkles on top.
SO good.

And there ya have it.
The Northrop family Valentine's Day.

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  1. Your Valentine's day dinner looks really nice. I love your table setting, and all the pretty windows by your dining area. The brownies look so good!

  2. That is just spectacular friend! Such a gorgeous setting for your sweet family!! And how beautiful are those flowers that your hubs got you! I soooo need to do that pre-planned date night ticket idea! HA! You don't know how bad you need things like this until you have kids!!!! I will be pinning this right now! Those brownies knocked me out of my seat! Have a great week friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Are the camelias from your garden? I've noticed some blooming here and there. Your dinner looks amazing. It is so well thought out! Cheese and strawberries are a great combo. We had a little surprise party for the kids and had pizza and cupcakes. It was cute but not quite as fancy as dinner!

  4. Beautiful tablescape and what a lovely meal you put together, Mindy--I am definitely pinning that brownie recipe--my sweetie loves chocolate treats every now and then, so I am sure he would love this. I really like all the little details in your photos--the pretty stitching on the tablecloth, and that cool turquoise toothpick holder--love them! Gorgeous camilias. There used to be a lot of big, old camilias in our neighborhood, but over time they've all been cut down--a shame, they were so pretty. And I am very impressed with the lovely flower arrangement from your husband--how cool is that??


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