Monday, March 10, 2014

Life Snippets #7

It's time for another round up of random photos from life at our house.

The Kid met his match.
The day before I took these pictures, his eye was swollen to just a slit.

The Girl with two missing teeth.

The first picture taken with The Mom's new toy.
Of course, it's a selfie of the kids.

I bought a Kindle HDX with the money I made from doing the brooch bouquet.
I have officially entered the year 2014.
Look at how happy I am.

Oh wait, you're right.
I'm not in a single one of those photos.
Huh - let's try again.

Nope, still nothin'.
How 'bout now?

Ahhh, the glow of screen time.
Anywho, when I wrangle it from the children, it's pretty fun.
Looking at Pinterest and reading blogs on the couch (instead of in a corner of my bedroom where I am right now),  is kind of fantastic.
And having it on the counter when I'm making a new recipe, instead of having to print it or write it down, doesn't suck at all, either.
Fun toy.

Okay, moving right along, let's take a gander at this kalanchoe that has been blooming nonstop for two months, shall we?

Remember the fry bread breakfast tacos I told you to make a mental note of the other day?
I made the fry bread.
Without the taco.
Instead, I doused them with cinnamon and sugar when they came out of the oil.
Oh lord.
It was like a homemade elephant ear.
The kids helped, so we got all sorts of shapes, but they were super fun and super yummy.
And the dough came together really easily.
No yeast involved.
Have I mentioned my yeast bread complex?

I told you they were random shapes.

Now that I know the bread was a success, I'm all over those tacos.

That's all I've got.
Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. His eye took my breath away right when I saw it! Holy did he do that!?!?! Poor little guy! And look at your kiddos! All hanging on the couch with your toy! HA! Ok and seriously...the things you just whip up are fantastic! Goodness me! A wonderful Tuesday to ya lady! Nicole xoxo

  2. Ha, I totally agree that having a tablet is liberating. Fry bread looks awesome. Hope your kid is okay. Those kind of spills make me cringe.

  3. Oh geez, that is one nasty (and so also totally awesome) shiner. Wonder what story he told the kids at school? lol

  4. Quite a shiner--hope he's feeling better soon! And way to go on the two front teeth--bet someone cleaned up from the tooth fairy. Congrats on your new Kindle--I am not very up to date on electronic gadgets, so you'll have to tell me if you like it and what all it does. Love your beautiful pink kalanchoe--gorgeous. And fry bread--is there anything better?? I've been going nuts with our gorgeous weather starting seeds under lights inside, and I have a ton of pruning and weeding to do. Plus everything else I ordinarily need to get done around here--I need at least 2 of me to do it all!

  5. The boy's poor face! I bet you were frantic. I'm so glad he's okay. Darling photos all around.

  6. OUCH!!! It hurts just looking at it.
    Enjoy your new toy-when you get to use it. ;0)


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