Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Second Week Of March In The Garden

I think I finally got all my spring clean up done in the backyard over the weekend.  There are a few piles that wouldn't fit in the yard debris bin, but for the most part, it's done.  The Dad even mowed the lawn for me. Yee haw.  Now I need a load of compost!  :)

I have yet to do much in the front yard, but that's where I'm sharing pictures from today.  So don't judge the dead sticks and leaves in the background.  It's March.  I only get a few days of sunshine at a time.

First up, hyacinth.
I planted two of them in the window box by our back door two years ago.
They come up and are blooming before I've even attempted to do anything else to the planter.
I sort of love them.

The whole front is starting to fill in with color.
Mostly yellow, but there's some blue and purple mixed in.

I love my dumpster dive wagon.

I can't remember the name of this.
It's a Kn-word.
I just planted it last year and was SUPER stoked to see it made it through winter.

And this is my gentian comin'.
It needs a new home this year, but I haven't decided where yet.

The forsythia is pretty much in full bloom now.
I love that it's right outside my kitchen window.

The lungwort is a little further along than it was last week.

Another primrose in a war against the slugs.

My other hellebore is blooming now.

I had to take another picture of the one I shared last week.

And last, The Dad's favorite.
It should be in bloom any day now.

It's so crazy how fast things change this time of year.
I was out again today with the camera.
You've been warned.

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  1. My gosh, Mindy! Those gardens of yours are just gorgeous. We still have tons of snow here and more coming today they say. I can't imagine having all that green around already.
    Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  2. Your gorgeous garden is rocking friend! My goodness is that just insane! Your forsythia would be so pretty to look at out the window and I love hyacinth!!! Such a beautiful space you have! And I was going to get back to you about the calendar...Gavin picked out 2 but they were not Oregon State...I am heading back up there this week and if they still have is coming your way! A wonderful week to you friend!!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Your garden is looking great, Mindy! Good on you for getting the beds cleaned up--you're way ahead of me, because I still have lots of cleaning to go. My chopper died last spring, and I don't have any way to chop up the tons of clippings and prunings and such, so I think we're renting a small trailer to make a few trips to the yard waste dump, eventually, once I get things pruned, if it stops raining--what are the chances??

  4. I like the blues and purples in your garden and the little garden wagon is cute. It is truly amazing how fast things change this time of year. I think it is fabulous.


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