Thursday, May 15, 2014

Random Thoughts & Tidbits: Part 19

It's been quite a while since I've done one of these.

  • Is it insane that I want to get on my roof for an aerial photo of the yard?
  • I had "The Thong Song" stuck in my head the other day. 
  • Top Bunk Rage:  It's a thing.  If you've ever had to make the bed of a top bunk, you know what I'm talking about.
  • What's the name of the movie with Corey Haims that has the song "Rock On" in it?  I think the female main character was named Mercedes.
  • I had to Google how to make hard boiled eggs for Easter.
  • You know those people who eat normal sized portions and then walk away?  How do they do that?
  • I bought some Girl Scout Thin Mints awhile back.  I caught The Kid eating one.  This is how the conversation went:  

Me:  Did you just eat one of my Thin Mints?  That's a $4 box of cookies.  You better STEP OFF.  I'll eat them all right now to guarantee you can't have any.  
Him:  Backing away in fear and silence.

  • Not one of my proudest moments.
  • I feel like maybe I should change my profile picture to one that isn't ten years old.
  • I can't make myself remember whether it's Fuchsia or Fuschia.  Same with Vacuum or Vaccum.  (According to Google, the first spellings are the correct ones, by the way.)
  • We had a Varied Thrush in the yard a few weeks ago.  He was purdy.
  • I looked everywhere for a tape measure the other day. By the time I found it, I couldn't for the life of me remember what in the hell I was going to measure.
  • Why doesn't spell check know what a Jicama is?
  • Remember the show, "Silk Stockings?"  I loved that show.
  • We watched "Crazy, Stupid, Love." for Girl's Night a couple Friday's ago.  It should be illegal to look like that, Ryan Gosling.  Illegal.  Good lord.
  • Radishes germinate faster than carrots.
  • I alphabetize my spices.
  • I was laying down with The Kid for bedtime and commented that my neck and back were sore.  He asked how in the world your neck and back get sore.  I said it was old age.  He said, "Like age 20?"
  • The Dad and I are leaving for a wedding in Arizona next month for five days.  Our first vacation since our honeymoon.  Our first time away from all the kids.  Our first time leaving Baby overnight.  I'm excited to have it be just he and I, but I'm definitely having anxiety about leaving the kids for that long. Like, I'm constantly thinking about it all. day. long.  Baby mostly.  
  • I went after the rhodies today.  They are officially nothin' but stump.  
  • One of the moms from the Mom Club is on her way over.  Apparently it's an, "I need to drink wine night."  
  • I appreciate the fact that The Dad is more than willing to take over when there's an "I need to drink wine night" on a random Thursday.
  • That's all I've got.  It's almost Friday!!!!!!


      1. I LOVED this post, Mindy! SO much fun. Let it be known that I hate bunk beds- absolutely hate them. lol We roll our bedding down and leave it in a roll at the bottom of the bed....of course that does NOT help when you have to put the fitted sheet on.

        Enjoy your time away. You need to do that and it will be wonderful! Promise- xo Diana

      2. I loved every single one of these pal! Ha....I still want to have one of these wine nights with you and then we could jump on your roof and take some garden shots! And good lord....5 days! HA! I have not left the beans since....hmmm...ever! Im glad you are doing it will be good for you both! And crazy stupid love...I think I was shouting out loud in the theatre at that one! I made my mom and sisters go with me! The hubs knows that Ryan...Eddie burns....and a couple more are my onscreen crushes! Glad you gals are having one of those nights! And God bless good men like your husband for giving you that time! You rock! Nicole xoxo

      3. My son wants bunk beds sooo bad. I was considering it until you reminded me about the terrible top bunk.

      4. First off, I have "day bed rage" just as bad as your "top bunk rage"... Along with labor pains and weeds, I'm pretty sure the said bed making task has direct links to Satan himself.

        Second, why told the girl scouts it was legit to charge that much for a box of cookies? At least you get two whole rolls of 'em in the thin mint box...the peanut butter/chocolate ones only have like 12 cookies. That's wrong on so many different levels...

        I'm super excited for you to go on your trip. It will be fabulous and your kids will have even more fun away from you than you will away from them. Try to enjoy's hard but soooo worth it. It's guaranteed to recharge your marriage which in turn will benefit your kids, so really you're doing it all for them, right?

      5. Great idea Mindy. I might have to borrow this for my blog when writer's block and busy life collide.

        I had a horrid case of "Top Bunk Rage." I cured myself with avoidance.

        Get on the roof for an aerial shot of the garden? Not crazy at all. I did it one year. I should have done it before the trees got their leaves though. You can Google map your house though and get quite close. Then use your snipping tool (in accessories) to save the image.

        Before kids, when I was working, my supervisor was really thin. She always left food on her plate. I never could figure out how she was full after three bites. Very bizarre disorder.

        Don't get me started on Spell Check--my best friend and worst enemy. :)

        Rhodie stumps can never be overrated. I love them.

        I had anxiety about leaving my kids too. I think it's normal. But you'll have a great time and so will they.

        I hope the wine night went really well.


      6. Well I sing a version of the thong song a lot - my husband has a friend who's last name rhymes with thong, so it is totally appropriate to insert the guy's name for thong. I love me some Arizona. I wouldn't worry. You'll have a great time. You can sleep in if you want to. And their southwest cuisine is awesome.


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