Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yard Crasher #6

I'm back with photos from my mom's backyard.  If you missed the front yard yesterday, you can find it here:  Yard Crasher #5

The side of the house, leading to the backyard, has just a small strip of dirt and it's all in full shade.
Her white Astilbe was blooming.

A Hosta, Toad Lily and Baby Tears surround a mossy pagoda.

Here's a photo pulled back a bit.
More Hostas, a potted tree, the Astilbe, Bleeding Heart, Wild Bleeding Heart, Ferns, and Saxafraga.

A fun bird house on a post.

She generally would have a ton of pots along the walkway by now, but like I said yesterday, none of them are planted yet.
The first plant you come to upon entering the back is a yellow Jasmine.

Right next to that is a rose she started from a cutting from The Rose Garden across the street.
It's beyond beautiful.
I'll update the post with the name of it when I talk to her again.
I need a piece of it.
Not a single speck of black spot or rust and the smell is amazing.

All of these next plants are in the same bed.


Lilies, Loosestrife, Lungwort, and Geranium.

Solidaster, Geranium, and a little white Rose.

More Astilbe.

At the end of the bed is a Korean Lilac, that was done blooming, and a planted chair.

Fence goodies.

Through an arbor at the end is another bed of mixed perennials, and potted trees, of course.



 A pot of mixed lettuce surrounded by Anemone.

I'm thinkin' this is a Phlox, and if it is, I'm thinkin' he and I have a date with a trowel.

More Lilies.

 A waning Columbine.

 A metal boot filled with sedum.

Wild Bleeding Heart - they're like Spiderwort, they'll grow ANYwhere.

Okay, I'm headin' back toward the house.
The deck is lookin' pretty barren without the furniture and 900 pots, but here's a shot, looking from in front of the yellow Jasmine.

And some closeups.
Campanula and Geraniums.

The other side of the house is where she has her potting station, compost bins, etc, but before you get there, there's a bench with a fountain.
Somehow I missed getting any fountain pictures, but here's the bench area.

Her insulators are along that side of the fence, as well.

Ferns and Lady's Mantle.

Behind the big deck planter is a seating area they created when they took out a GIANT spruce a couple years ago.
It's also where the grill is.

My step-dad's hot pepper planter.
He dries them and grinds them up every year for table seasoning.  For the brave souls who can eat it.

The only other veggies they have goin' so far are a couple potted tomatoes and an artichoke.

Running alongside the deck is a path that separates it from the main garden, and there are pots all along it.
Naughty Bishop's Weed that she dug up from my house.

I have no idea what this is.

Mixed colors of Calibrochoa.

A super pretty Penstemon.

This looks like some sort of non-vining Clematis.

A giant pot of Pinks.

And here are some main garden shots, watering helper and all.

The lavender Phlox was just starting to bloom.

I don't know why I can't grow Foxglove.
She had them coming up everywhere.

A table of fun sedum, succulents, and cactus.

More Spiderwort.
I need to get a piece of that white one.

More Foxglove.
It's so pretty.

I'm pretty sure this is the rose that was in my yard when I bought the house.
It was garbage-bound because of the excessive black spot, and she rescued it.

A lavender perennial Bachelor Button.

Another fun succulent.

More roses.
I think this one was started from my sister's old house.

And I believe this is the one my mom calls Grandma's Rose, meaning my grandma, her mom.
It was in solid bloom.

This is it again, looking from the opposite side.

The Fairy Rose was solid buds, but no color showing yet.

And these are just a couple more shots from around the yard.


Another type of Campanula.

And I'll leave you with another resident cat photo.

Isn't he purdy?

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  1. Absolutely stunning. I love every photo. Interestingly, in your first birdhouse photo, I have one very similar. Check out all her insulators, holy cow! So cool. Her pink "Grandma's Rose" looks a lot like my Jeanne LaJoie blooming right now. I love it. And, your daughter is the cutest little gardener I've seen since my own were that age. Great post!

  2. Silver Mound Artemesia is what the plant is called you didn't know what it was

  3. Beautiful garden! I love all the garden ornaments and decorations that are tucked into the beds and on the fences--very cool!

  4. How in the world did I miss this!!!!!!! Please tell your mom that her garden is absolutely amazing in every way! My goodness...I can so see where you get it from! This post has reminded me that I need to get some Astilbe...hers are stunning! As are all of her vignettes and pots!! Holy cow! And her roses....melted my heart! That green thumb totally runs in the family! And those insulators on the fence are gorgeous...everything is gorgeous! Happy Thursday to you pal! Nicole xoxo

  5. I see where you get your gift for gardening from. My Mom is a gardener as well. It is nice to share a passion for plants with your Mom isn't it? She certainly has a gift for roses. I am so impressed with the rose from a cutting. I thought all roses had to be grafted to a root stock? I would love to know how to do grow roses from a cutting.

  6. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Every time I visit, I'm in awe at how lush your and your mom's gardens are. I'm so envious. Besides their beauty . . . they have character. I love my visits here :0)
    I hope you're having a great week,


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