Monday, May 26, 2014

Yard Crasher #5

Time to snoop in my mom's yard again.  I crashed it for the first time almost exactly three years ago.  You can see that first post here:  Yard Crasher

The house is a different color, and one of the giant Maple trees, that had been in the parking strip since before I was born, is now gone.  He was sick.  :(  We used to climb it as kids and eat candy in the crotch of it.  :)  So her front yard is undergoing a mini transformation, based on the fact that it went from complete shade to full sun, overnight.  You can see the tree that came out in the first photo of that post above.

I crashed it again in July of last year, so if you want more summer plant photos (and a super cute toddler), you can see that post here:  Yard Crasher #3

We were on a fixed time schedule this visit, so I couldn't go crazy with my camera in the Rose Garden, but I did get a couple pics. I've done two posts about it before, one with the story behind it, and one with just photos and names.  And three really cute kids. Those posts are here:  Rose Garden and The Rose Garden (super original post names, I know).

Here are a couple shots of it from Saturday:

I decided, instead of trying to cram 900 photos into one, I'll split this Yard Crasher into two posts.
We'll do her front yard today.

You will notice in this post, my potted tree fetish didn't come from strangers.
She has WAY more than I do.

The Girl went with me and she watered the yard while I took pictures.
When the big Maple came out last year, my mom used it as an excuse to take out the sod in the parking strip and plant it.
Most of the plants are new this spring, so nothing is really established yet.

Because of the neighborhood they live in, the city required another Maple to be planted to replace the sick one they took down.
You can see the new one in this next picture.

Okay, back up into the yard.

This is the area on the left of the walkway, where the basalt fountain is.

The right side is the bigger planting area, and it has a pea gravel path through it.

The resident feline photo bomb.

This is her Mother's Day pot I gave her, with that cool yellow perennial that I posted about.
Now I can't remember the name of it.

Little trees by the front steps.

Trees, trees, and more trees.

This one is in the ground.
When we went to the Leach Botanical Garden sale earlier this spring, I wanted this Maple soooo bad.
So I talked her into getting it.  :)

Every yard needs a rusty wheelbarrow.

She hasn't really planted very many annuals yet, because they were out of town for two weeks.
It's hard enough to find someone to water the yard as it is.
Add 100+ pots and everyone is suddenly really "busy."

These are just some closer up shots of the plants on the right side.

And last, a fun tiered pot of sedum and a cactus.

And there ya go.
I'll post her backyard tomorrow.
Lots more color goin' on back there this time of year.
It's full sun, and has been for the 39 years she's been there, so it's a happy little perennial haven.

Shameless plug alert:  
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  1. Now I know from where you received your green thumb! What a lovely garden ( and we have only seen the front)! I especially admire the fountain and the wonderful ladybug art. And who doesn't love a potted tree!

  2. WOW!!!!! How does your mom keep up with it all? Does she have a gardener, lol! I think the house looked better in blue, but what a beautiful house! You're so lucky to be able to say it's the only home you've ever known.


  3. Holy smokes! It's like a Botanical garden with all the variety of plants in that front yard. What a beautiful garden! I can't wait to see the backyard. I will have to read the back story to that rose garden. Wow! I take it your Mom likes gardening ...just a tad...ha ha. Great photos!

  4. Wow, what a lush, full, luxuriant garden your mom has! I love all the little trees in containers, and I really like the garden art. I wasn't getting your posts in my email inbox for quite a while, but now they're showing up again, so yay! I have been going crazy trying to get everything planted before we start play rehearsals tonight. I did 70 containers plus 8 hanging baskets this year, and am a little more than half-way through planting the veggi garden. Everything took a while, and this was the year that some major repairs had to be done--wooden arbors exposed to all the rain we get eventually have to be replaced, and this was the year for it, so it all just took longer to get done. But it's starting to look nice. The roses and clematis are so early this year--everything's early, isn't it? Warm weather and overall not a lot of rain--weird for May here, but I'm not complaining--I love all the warm weather. Hope all is well with you and you're enjoying your garden!

  5. Wow, your mom really loves plants, doesn't she, Mindy? I love the fullness of it all. I bet it's the kind of garden that you walk around and always see something new. The heart-shaped cactus in a sea of sedums is too cute. I hope the plants do well now that they're exposed. That little maple has big shoes to fill. It will be a few years before it does the work of its predecessor. (Fyi, I love trees in pots too!) Can't wait to see the backyard. Great post.

  6. How often do you have to water trees in a pot? I would guess it's a lot less than annuals, but still,, lol. Looks amazing though.

  7. How often do you have to water trees in a pot? I would guess it's a lot less than annuals, but still,, lol. Looks amazing though.

  8. I guess green thumbs are genetic, huh? So many beauties to look at and enjoy! Love the rusty lil' ladybug.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful garden! I'm speechless!


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