Thursday, May 8, 2014

The First Week Of May In the Front Yard

Are you ready for another really long plant post?  It's better than lookin' at 100 photos of my kids, isn't it?  ;0)

These poppies are in a terrible spot, but they're next to impossible to transplant.
None of the ones I've tried to move out of here have made it.
So they stay.
I figure they only bloom a couple days anyway.

They're comin' up under the Daphne.
I suppose the Daphne helps hold up their heads.
Don't mind the stroller.
Apparently I'm so used to looking at it, that I didn't even notice it there.

Ahhhhh, sunshine and a chair.

My Beauty Bush (Weigela) is blooming, but most of the flowers are on the outside of the fence.  :(

I have three different Hostas, Sword Fern, Iris, and a Peony planted in the same area, all under the tree.
The Sweet Woodruff and Gooseneck Loosestrife are threatening to take over the area, as well.

I got my Tuberous Begonia planted in the tree pot over the weekend.
I went white this year.
The pot hook has become one with the tree, so that's why it's always hanging there.

There's more Saxafraga out front under the Daphne.

My one Sweet Pea that reseeded in the old sink.

The window box with a couple Ivy Geraniums in it.
I added a Nemesia this weekend.
I really should have a plan with all my pots, but I never do.
I just buy annuals that jump out at me, and then stick 'em in.

Kenilworth Ivy.
It pops up everywhere.

Several of my Dahlias are up, which is exciting, considering the winter we had.

The Knautia I put in two years ago made it.

This bulb that comes up everywhere now, and I have no idea where it came from.
I just learned from Grace, at Gardening With Grace, that it's Star of Bethlehem, Ornithogalum umbellatum.
She has a new gardening book out, by the way, that I'm super excited to read.
You can buy it on Amazon here:  Grace In The Garden:  Thirty Years Of Blunders and Bliss

Hey, look, more toes.
There is a human behind the blog afterall.

More Sweet Woodruff and a random Pansy.

The lilies are up and the 'Autumn Joy' sedum is fillin' in.

The Sedums, Succulents, and Gentian in my rusty wagon are finally starting to cover the dirt.
I need to add somethin' in the middle.

Rose buds.

Baby's little potted tree.

Speaking of babies....

Don't let the ball fool you.
This is a U of O household.
Oregon State Beaver Believers need not apply.
Unless they offer the kids a full ride.
In that case, go Beavs!

And finally, it's so hard to get pictures of the parking strip without neighbor cars, houses, recycle bins, etc., so I took some shots while standing up in the yard.
A different view.

The whole area is sort of my guinea pig.
I don't go out there to water on a daily basis, like the rest of the yard, and it faces west, so it gets the hottest part of the day.
Plants have to hold their own to survive.
So far, things that have worked out are:
Echinacea, Pineapple Sage (I lost it this year, but it has come back with milder winters), Rosemary, Crocosmia, Spiderwort, Penstemon, Iris, Sedum, Scabiosia, aka, Pincushion Flower (although, mine didn't overwinter), Chocolate Cosmos, Ornamental Grasses, Allysum (it reseeds to the point of being a nuisance and I only planted it one year), Artichoke, Rudbeckia, Hellebores, Campanula, Grape Hyacinth, Marsh Marigold, Heuchera, Phygelias, aka, Cape Fuchsia, Rhubarb, and a couple others that I can't remember the names of off the top of my head.
Oh, and Snowberry grew amazing.  To the point that I will be digging out the runners for the next ten years.
Don't plant it in the ground unless you want it to take over.

Not pictured, but planted over the weekend: two Scabiosa, Perennial Candytuft, Blood Grass, Geum, and Delphinium.
We'll see how they fare.

When I get down there for some closeups, I'll share the variety names of all the ones I know.

The Dad builds everything like it's Fort Knox.
This is my new artichoke cage.
I'm surprised he didn't make it out of 4 x 4's.  :)

So there ya go.
I'll take pictures of my new babies over the next week or so.
Have you planted your parking strip?
If so, what plants have done well?

Shameless plug alert:  
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If you see one in a post that isn't in the shop, shoot me an email and I'll list it for ya.

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  1. I saw your poppies on pinterest so I had to pop over to check em out. I wouldn't worry about moving them - they are still blooming and it seems they are happy! It is just amazing how much you have blooming right now. Can't wait for the dahlias to bloom. I don't have a parking strip, just a sidewalk. I am relieved I don't because what I already have is a lot of work. Have a great day, Mindy!

  2. Your flower garden/yard is just so lush and beautiful! I liked the touch of the baby's stroller in the garden. That way I know that a family lives there, and enjoys gardening.

    I find that I am always so intent on what I am taking a picture of, that I completely miss what may be going on in the background of the picture. One time, I was taking a picture of my little grandson. He was looking so adorable in that picture. When I got it on the computer and took a look at it, my grandson was indeed looking as cute as I thought he had been, but right over his shoulder, in the background, was our dog lifting his leg on something in the yard. In the pic it looked like our dog was a tiny dog standing on my grandson's shoulder lifting its leg. I couldn't have gotten that effect if I was taking a picture of someone I didn't like and wanted that effect. But it was sure there in my cute little grandson picture. I often amaze myself with all of the things I don't see in the camera view window as I am taking the picture

    The plants you have in the parking strip are lovely. Those ornamental grasses are really eyecatching. I am looking forward to seeing pictures as the season goes forward..

  3. Mindy, that poppy is such a beautiful color - the hottest orange I've ever seen (red if you just glance). I love the papery texture of them. Only wish they lasted a bit!

  4. Unfortunately I don't have a boulevard that I can plant at the front of the house. Ours is an old house on a busy street corner and so there is just sidewalk and then road.
    I have a poppy that I have wanted to move as well. I know they don't take kindly to being transplanted and so I put the move off again and again.
    I like your bluish-grey hosta and the mix of plants around it. Your baby is so sweet by the way!

  5. Wonderful pictures.
    Like those flowers on the fence.

  6. Oh boy....your gardens look many lovely plants....and I am LOVIN' those purple toenails. :))

  7. Gosh you make me want to tear up all of the grass in my parking strip like today! I don't have that much space there because of our big silver maple and a city water way cover...but there is space and you as always have inspired me!!! And that cage that the dad built is awesome! I love it! As I love everything! Great combos going on in the first several shots with the hostas! And you had me cracking up about the stroller! So cute! And BEAUTIFUL poppy friend! A very Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope you are all feeling better too! Nicole xoxo

  8. Thank you for the shout out, my friend. You're the best. I love your blue nail polish. You've got cute toes! :) I think your little Lainey is going to be a Beaver believer. She has a look of determination on her face. My Dahlias survived too. Surprise, surprise. I sure wasn't expecting that. And I love your variegated Knautia. I saw them once a few years ago at Home Depot I think. They looked awful so I declined. Now I'm wishing I would have gone ahead and purchased one. Oh, that Kennilweth Ivy! Someone just asked about it on Facebook. Friend or foe. To me, it's friend. It's green and trailing and does well in shade. What's not to love about that, right? Plus it's easy to pull up if you don't want it. ... I have to say I don't typically admire the blue-leaved hostas but yours is really nice. It really stands out. Kudos for working on your hellstrip. We don't have them here. My hubby is the same way when he builds things. You should see the bench he built several years ago. It weighs about a hundred pounds because of all the wood and nails he used to make it hurricane-proof. These men, you gotta love 'em. :)

  9. I could look at your garden photos all day, as I can stay in a garden all day just staring at the beauty and the wonder of it all! And gracious, how do you ever get such great close up shots of your plants! Just lovely!


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