Monday, October 6, 2014

The First Week Of October In The Backyard

The backyard as a whole is lookin' pretty haggard, but if you lean in, there are still some things that are photo-worthy.

My 'Black & Blue' Salvia, that I thought I had lost, started coming in late June.  Which means it didn't start blooming until now.  I had stuck in a piece of the Rudbeckia from the parking strip, and a new Agastache, to fill in the gaping hole.  Now, the three are blooming together, so it turned out good in the end.

Even with the colder overnight temps, the Fuchsias are still putting on a show.

The 'Gartenmeister' Fuchsia did really well.
I'll definitely grow it again next year.

I finally committed to a spot for my new hardy 'Checkerboard' Fuchsia and I think I could have watched that thing grow when I first put it in the ground.
It was just in one of those tall, 2" grower's pots.
It's even blooming now.
I can't wait to see it in all its glory next year.
I already love it.

My white Japanese Anemone's are blooming their little hearts out.
I love, love, love them and can't wait to get my other colors in more sun next year.
As much as the tags would lead you to believe they're shade plants, they do best in some sun.

The Black-Eyed Susan Vine hasn't been affected by the weather change yet.

Speaking of sun, look at these Dahlias.
They're so dang pretty.

The Salvia patens 'Cobalt' is still goin', despite the budworms.

I feel like I take a lot of pictures of it, but this rose is one of my favorite plants in the backyard.
It just blooms and blooms all summer long.
And the smell is amazing.
It's a Knock Out standard, aka tree rose.
Not bad for diggin' it out of the dumpster 13 years ago.

The big deck planter still looks pretty good.

Graptoveria 'Debbie' is on the top shelf of my rusty rack of mixed succulents.

The bottom shelf has some of my babies that I brought home from Arizona in the form of seed pots.
And a seedling that The Girl started from the pit an an Asian fruit.
I can't remember for sure which one she stuck in the dirt.
I'll bring them in and see if I can keep them alive through winter.

Remember my $3 Smile?
He's only a head now.
(That link also shows my tree rose MUCH smaller.  And there's more lawn!)

While we're on the subject of succulents, my birdbath filled in a lot.
Almost too much.

I don't know what the hang-down stuff is, but it is quite prolific.
I think next year it will get a pot of its own.

Speaking of prolific.

Here's just a shot of the surrounding fire pit area.
I've dumped quite a few pots and moved some of the ones that still look good to the patio.

You can see my potted Dogwood in the right of that photo.
It's been in a pot for yeeeeears and has never bloomed.
Look what I noticed the other day.

What the heck?
It's covered in buds.
I think it's confused.

And last, here's some shots of the patio.
I moved all my houseplants back in, dumped annuals that were done, and added some pots that still look okay.

I put my Brugmansia where I can keep a close eye on it.
It will get moved into the garage at the first sign of a frost.

More hens and chicks.

Unlike the regular ones, the New Guinea Impatiens are still blooming and healthy looking.

I bought this plant in early spring, mainly because of the name.
Plectranthus 'Velvet Elvis.'
The leaves looked cool, though, and the picture of the flowers on the tag was really pretty.
I stuck it in a mixed pot and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
It grew and grew and grew, and took over the entire pot, but not a single bud to be found.
Well, it's now October and it's just starting to bloom.
Who knew.

I really like the plant itself, and think it would be good as a bedding plant for the foliage.
It's kinda fuzzy and the underside of the leaves are the same dark purple as the stems.
It would be so pretty next a limey-green plant.
So I'll try some in the ground next year, if I can find it again.

And as late as they are, the flowers are just as pretty as the tag suggested.

And that's it for out back.
This month marks thirteen years in this house.
I've been digging in the dirt here since the spring of 2002.
To see where the yard started, you can check out this post:

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  1. Your crazy!!!! There is so much going on and it all looks beautiful to me!!! Your hens and chicks are adorable!! And I have that velvet Elvis and I am telling you we have had some wicked cold nights and it is still stunning!! I am crediting you to my anemone move to sun! So mad I have had them in shade yours are amazing!!! Beautiful beautiful friend!!!! A great week to you! Nicole xo

  2. So many cute vingettes. Checkerboard became one of my most favorite fuchsias this year too - it just bloomed its little heart out. I hate to start 'tearing down' the garden - my least favorite task.

  3. You have the prettiest Fall garden I've ever seen!
    My heart has gone pitter-patter the last few months for anything that's purple and bright yellow. I love that floral combination in late Summer and early Fall.
    As always, your garden is just beautiful . . . as is all your vignettes. What a lovely place to sit and relax with friends and family. So much inspiration, Mindy!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Pretty impressive for 12 years in the making if you ask me. I particularly like the blue salvias and your 'Checkerboard' Fuchsia. The white white Japanese Anemone's are stunning. I made the mistake of putting mine in too much shade and learned the hard way that they like a bit of sun. I ended up losing them and had to get new plants. I hope mine catch up to your beauties soon.

  5. I'm glad your 'Black and Blue' made it. I'm hoping my 'Armistad' will too since it's just the same only purple. 'Checkerboard' is one of my favorite fuchsias. Yours looks really pretty. ... Have you noticed that Winco has a display of spring-blooming boxed bulbs? Every time I see them, I think of you. I've already purchased a few things. Have you? ... Congrats on your home-anniversary! The time sure flies, doesn't it? It will be 17 years for us next month. Holy cow! Have a great weekend, my friend.


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