Monday, June 22, 2015

Driveway Veggies: 6/18/15

It's about time I do an update on the veggies, don't ya think?

The spring goodies are pretty much finished, other than some carrots we haven't pulled yet, so now we're waitin' on the yummy summer produce.

Just for fun, here's a list of what we've got goin' on in the driveway (and the small section of side yard that belongs to our neighbor) this year:

10 tomatoes
1 zucchini
5 cucumbers
6 bush beans
2 pole beans
20 or so garlic
1 potato tower
1 tomatillo
6 chard
3 kale
1 raspberry
4 eggplant
2 peppers
1 watermelon
1 mystery - broccoli, cauliflower, or brussels sprouts

As for herbs, we've got lemon balm, spearmint, pineapple mint, shiso, chives, parsley, purple sage, tarragon, two different oreganos, marjoram and eight different basils.

And, in true Mindy fashion, I snuck some flowers in, too.  Cosmos, zinnias, calendula, nasturtiums, alyssum, and four 'o clocks, all from seed, as well as a lavender, annual vinca, the giant blue lacecap hydrangea, and some mixed planters.

Here's how everything's lookin':

The kids got these wood planters at the end of the school year through garden club.

I inherited the pot in the front from neighbors who moved and the back one is a free crate from our neighborhood Asian grocery store.

I've always had my herb pots scattered around the backyard, but I decided to try them out here this year.

The left side of this container is where our radishes were.
I just planted the bush beans in their place last week.
That's the garlic on the far right, and there's more under the beans on the left, that I also just planted.

Our neighbor across the street got a load of wood chips and shared two wheelbarrows full, so I spread that on the ground section.

A couple zinnias.

All but one of the tomatoes are heirlooms, started by seed.
A couple reseeded from what I had last year, the others were given to me as tiny starts.
I have no idea what I got, except for a Green  Zebra, which I grew last year and loved.
The one nursery tomato is Tumblin' Tom.

I committed to things for the new trough and went with lots of purples.
Two purple basils, the purple sage, purple eggplant, mmmmmm.
Then two of the peppers are in here, a four 'o clock from seeds that Grace sent me, and two nasturtiums and two calendula that a friend started from seed
It's gonna be so pretty once everything fills in.

The Dad got me a new window box built.
The one I built in 2002 literally had the bottom falling out of it.
So I replanted the existing pansies and fuchsias that were half dead and added a caladium.

My mom sold our old playpen to a family friend and in addition to the cash, she threw two pots into the deal.
I LOVE them.
I just got them planted last week, but they'll be pretty in front of the garage door once they start filling in.

We're just a few days away from eating our first cucumber and Baby's got her eye on the first cherry tomato that's almost ready.
I've already made a batch of pesto with kale and mixed basil - delicious.
And before long, I'll be cursing the amount of zucchini, I'm sure.
We've got blueberries, snap peas, luffa, onions, dill, rhubarb, an artichoke, current, and more peppers in other parts of the yard, too, so we're doin' okay with the mini farm this year.  :o)
Maybe some day we'll have a yard big enough for a dedicated garden space, but for now, the driveway setup is workin' A-okay.


  1. It is more than ok...It is rocking! I can't believe how much you have growing there my friend! And you are such a designer....the purples are stunning!! We have been getting a ridiculous amount of rain which has made all of our veggies water logged at the moment. Looks stunning Mindy! I can't wait to see what you make from all of the zucchinis!!! Happy almost Tuesday! Nicole xo

  2. Everything looks so happy! I love how you use the space you have. Y'all will be eating well this summer. I'd love for you to share your outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop this week!

  3. You really have a gift. I so wish you lived closer to me so I could put you to work in my yard, lol. Everything looks amazing.

  4. I agree with the comment above, you truly have a gift. My garden produced one tomato so far and I got so excited I may have danced!

  5. Love everything, Mindy!
    I'm a BIG fan of gardening in pots. It allows me to move our vegetables around so that they make it through our hot Summers.
    Now I feel inspired to get outside today and garden :0)

  6. I love that you put the herbs all together. It is like a little kitchen garden now. I love bush beans and I love green zebra tomatoes. This is going to be so pretty!!!

  7. Man- I just can't believe how much produce you are growing there in those containers! Wow! You did a really great job of making good use of that space. Now I am sorry I didn't plant ANYTHING this summer! xo Diana

  8. The trough already looks nice, everything so green and fresh. I love it all.

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