Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Front Yard: 6/10/15

I feel like garden blogging is similar to developing software.  By the time I've taken the photos, uploaded them to the computer, edited them, and put them into a post, they're obsolete.

I took these last Wednesday, and after working in the front yard for two days straight, so many things have changed. Not to mention all the photos I envision when I walk out back, down on the sidewalk, or into the driveway.

First world problems people.

I've never had much luck with African Daisies, but that doesn't stop me from throwing a couple in my cart every year.
This yellow one is happy as a clam, in spite of its owner.
He's in a pot with a purple Angelonia, an annual that I love, love, love.

Speaking of yellow, I had Corydalis babies come up in my parking strip last year.
I moved them up in to the yard this spring and they're super happy, as well.
And, I see there are more coming down in the hell strip again.
I have no idea where they came from, but I'll take 'em.

I planted one of my new-this-year Hostas next to them.

My rusty wagon got another new baby, too.

This cute little guy is Heucherella tiarelloids Sunspot.
Say that ten times fast.

I bought it for the leaves, but look how stinkin' cute the flowers turned out to be!

This little guy has been in there for a couple years now and he's just starting to bloom.
Oenothera 'Glowing Magenta.'

I guess the trellis is here to stay this year.
I never could decide if I liked it in this spot, but I planted an annual vine on it, so it's not movin'.
I didn't have any Black Eyed Susan Vine anywhere yet, so I stuck him in.

The window box has filled in a lot.
The pansies that I put in Easter weekend are still goin' strong, and I've added lavender Lobelia, variegated Creepin' Charlie, lime green Sweet Potato Vine, baby pink Bacopa, and dark pink annual Vinca.
Plus, yesterday I spotted an annual Morning Glory in there, which I may just let go and see what happens.
I've hanked hundreds of them throughout the yard already this year, I feel like I should let at least one stay.

 Spiderwort is a serious opportunist.
This one is growing in the crack between the sidewalk and the rock border.

I feel like this is my year with the Astilbe.
For a plant that has never done ANYthing for me, all of them are blooming.
The secret: SUN.
I moved every single one of them out of the shade this spring.
Who knew.

I never would have thought that Astilbe and Penstemon could be bed partners, but what do I know.

This is an obligatory photo.
I will never understand the point of Daylilies.
This one came with the house, so I feel like it has a right to be here, otherwise I'd dump it.

My lilies from The Dad, on the other hand, are gorgeous right now.
He bought me these YEARS ago.
They're a blood red.

I bought this Penstemon last year and it never did a thing.
It kinda acts like trying that again this year.
Yes, it's blooming, but the plant hasn't grown an inch.
The color is SO pretty, so I hope I'm wrong.

And last, a couple shots of under the tree.

Happy almost Monday.


  1. Everything is so beautiful but my favorite photo is of the corydalis and the hosta. Those two are gorgeous together!

  2. Your new hosta looks like my new it called "June"? I moved my astilbe back in the Spring and it gets morning sun now and it's a happy blooming plant now :) I love black-eyed susan vine. Reminds me I didn't pick mine up yet this year. Well now I know where we are completely different.....daylillies. I LOVE them :) The one you have I call roadside daylillies and I don't care for that one at all. But I collect all the others! I just love them. I do agree they don't bloom enough but once your plants are many years old then they bloom for a few weeks. I have over 20 different varieties and I can't wait until I own even more! :) It has been raining for days and days here and it don't look like it is going to stop anytime soon. :( Some of my flower beds are completely under water. All my rain barrels are full to the max and everything is so soaked it will take over a week to dry up. It's bad!!

  3. You're killing me!
    Look at those gorgeous hostas under your tree! LOVE!!
    Everything is just so beautiful, Mindy!
    Enjoyed my visit, as always!
    I hope you're having a great start to your week,

  4. I have serious hosta envy. So gorgeous!
    I love the purple and yellow together.

  5. Such pretty window boxes and the rusty wagon planting is charming. I've said it before, you have an eye for design!

  6. Your garden is so healthy and pretty. I gave African Daisies a try last year and they did fairly well- I trimmed the spent flowers regularly and it seemed to help. Those red lilies are beauties! That one hosta reminds me of one I have called Orange Marmalade. Love the penstemon- I should get some of it myself!

  7. Here I've been gardening since Gerald Ford was president and I I'm still learning things. For instance, I thought Astilbes needed shade too. Who'd a thunk? Yours look great with the Penstemon. Second, your 'Glowing Magenta' Evening Primrose has wintered over for you. That's good to know. I've always had them in pots and lost them. This year, three of them all went into the ground. I think they'll stand a better chance there. That Tiarella is to die for. I want it right now. It's pink, after all. Wow, the final shot, that hosta... I need it in my life.


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