Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Hydrangeas

Apparently I'm a Hydrangea collector now.  I had no idea I had so many, until I came home with a new one and the kids decided to count them.

I have one in the driveway that was here when I bought the house.
My brother-in-law brought one to my housewarming party in the summer of 2002.  It's the blue one under the big tree out back.
My neighbor two doors down has given me two, on two separate occasions.  They were hand-me-downs from their yard.
I bought a pink one at Xera last year.
My PeeGee, of course.
My mom dug her white one this spring and gave half to my sister and half to me.
I have a cutting that I got this year from a blogger plant swap, with variegated leaves, but he's only got about six leaves, so I didn't take pictures of him.
And finally, I came home with a new one yesterday.  The most beautiful plant you ever did lay eyes on.
And that's sayin' something, comin' from the likes of me.
So did ya count?
That makes nine.
Nine hydrangeas in a tiny city yard.
I'll start in the driveway.
This sucker gets huge, and it's pretty much growing in a 1' x 2' crack.
It's a blue lacecap.
It's just starting to bloom, but is covered in buds.

Up next, one from my neighbors.
They gave me this one last year and I had no idea what it was going to look like.
I put him in out front.
It turned out to be another lacecap, but with pinkish-lavender and white variegation.
Very, very pretty.

Heading to the back, we have the big blue monster from my BIL.
This started out as a little grocery store plant.
He's all grown up now.
I love it.

My new baby from my mom this year is over under the sick Rhody.
It's beautious.

Next, the other one from the neighbors.
It's similar in color to the lacecap they gave me.

The pink one is only a year old, so it's still kinda small.
But it's comin' along.

And last, we have my new baby.
My fourth child.
I can't even put into words how much I love this plant.
Every time someone walks out back, I ask if they've seen my new hydrangea.
I get a lot of eye rolls.
The Kid told me today I'm treating the "dumb plant" like a person and how do I know it's a "girl."
Because there isn't a boy on earth this pretty.
She's still in a pot in these photos, but I got her in the ground this morning.
Meet, 'Ayesha.'

You just shed a tear, didn't you?
Look at those flowers!!!!!!!
I die.

You guys, seriously, have you ever seen anything more magnificent?
The flowers are like a lilac.
Have you seen my header photo people?!
Let's look at her a little closer.

My photos aren't wonky, each head is a different shade of lavender and pink, with hints of blue.

Your eyes just rolled back into your head, didn't they?

You're dying right now too, aren't you?

Perfection people, perfection.


  1. 'Ayesha' is pretty, but I have to say, I totally covet the two from your neighbor.

  2. Perfection is right buddy!! She is a beaut!!!! It's as if those little blooms have been molded from clay! They are stunning! As are all of your hydrangeas! I have become a collector unknowingly as well....I think I have 10 so far. I'm sure that will grow. Do you find that you just kinda buy or end up with them and you don't even know how!?!? All I can say is that your garden is gorgeous my friend! Love what the kid said by the way! Wishing you a great Friday!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Those blossoms are incredible, for sure. I can't help but wonder how they'll look dried. Fortunately that is a long way off and you can just enjoy them on the bush for several months. I have a feeling they'll change color as they age, so please keep us posted. Yes, I'm jealous. :)

  4. Seriously all so beautiful! I hope my hydrangeas grow up to be like yours one day.

  5. Oh, Ayesha is a stunner, Girl. She's a beaut allright! You have an addiction and that's ok. There is no help for it other than to keep planting more plants. I think you need another hydrangea.

  6. We better take your temp- you've got Hydrangea Fever! LOL…isn't it amazing how all of a sudden you have a collection and didn't realize it! Something about the white hydrangeas always look stunning with the green plants of summer. I love the colors of all hydrangeas but the white always seems so elegant. I don't even have any- go figure! The Ayesha is fantastic! It wouldn't make it here- zones 6 to 9 and we're more of a 4-5.

  7. Your garden is so luscious...I love it! hydrangeas everywhere and they look so happy! love the lacecap ones - they are extra different and offer a pretty color variety! xoox, tracie

  8. I have serious hydrangea envy. The bicolor are so pretty but Ayesha is a show stopper. That one is going on my wishlist.

  9. Envy doesn't really describe how I feel right about now!
    I couldn't imagine having THAT many healthy, gorgeous hydrangeas. As much as I enjoy seeing them in the garden, I would probably cut them - and bring in as many as possible to enjoy inside!
    So your header is a hydrangea!?! I wondered what it was. It looks like a cross between a lilac and hydrangea.
    I've never seen a hydrangea like that before. She's GORGEOUS!
    Always enjoy my visits here ;0)
    Have a great week!

  10. Love the hydrangeas. Especially the ones from your neighbor (the 2nd). Wow. I'm a collector too. LOL I have many varieties and have one section with lots of baby ones that I've propogated my self. I just bought 3 baby ones for direct gardening and another 3 baby ones from a seller on ebay. And 2 the I've recently planted and one still waiting on my back steps to get planted (it's a climbing hydrangea). It's to die for. I first saw it at our zoo this year and had to find one! Ebay is a great place to get starters..and within a couple of years, they are fully grown. So that's 9 different varieties just this year. And I want more. Other women collect shoes, I collect plants and hydrangeas! LOL


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