Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Front Yard: 6/23/15

I headed out front with my camera yesterday, with the intention of taking pictures of two plants.  Two. You'll never guess what happened.

On a side note, all the photos in this post were shot in manual mode.  It was my first time going full manual, and getting out of Av, which is what I use 98% of the time.  I don't know if it made a difference one way or the other (aka better or worse), but I was able to capture true colors for a change, in most cases, though not all.  Especially with difficult (for me) ones, like red and hot pink.  Blue will be my true test, but I'll have to head out back again for that.

I'll start with the flower that I headed out to photograph.  After being teased (affectionately) for having a granny garden, I decided to make it official this year, and grow gladiolas for the first time in my life.  I picked up a box of these bulbs at Winco, of course, and they were labeled Hardy Gladiolas nanus.  They're shorter than the typical ones, which I also bought a box of, and planted in the parking strip.

I'm sold.
They're sorta amazingly beautiful.
So far I got a pink, two cream, and a red that hasn't opened yet.

Yep, it's official.
I love them.

The pot hanging above them is just mixed annuals, but I wanted to note that the 'Cherry' Profusion Zinnias, that I buy every year, are a different color.
I only got a six-pack, so maybe it's a fluke, but these are more of a red, and sooo pretty.

Since we're on the subject of red, I have to throw in a picture of my nasturtium that opened.
It's technically in the driveway, but I figured you'd give me a pass.
What's one, or four, more pictures, right?

Annnnnd, since we're over there.....
Baby ate it today, the first one.

I can't believe the 'Autumn Joy' Sedum is showing color already.
I've decided I have too many of these.
I know repetition is good, but it's hard to justify in a small yard.

I had to take another picture of the Corydalis blooming so good.

I've been meaning to do a post on The Girl's fairy garden since December.
Best laid plans.
It was in an old drawer, but got moved to the dirt the other day.

My grandma's hot pink Phlox is blooming.

I rearranged some things out here the other day.
Don't make fun.
The funky potted maple tree that was here was getting fried, so I moved him to more shade.
Once you move one thing....
I moved the old metal chair, that held up a Dahlia last year, to the bed up against the house, and set a pot in the open seat hole.

The Hyssop next to it came back in a pot from last year.
It was droopin' really bad every day, so I thought it might be happier in the ground.
It still droops every day.
Shoulda put him in a shadier spot, I guess.
Pretty, though.

I took a couple new ones of the window box.

I've grown this Cuphea before, but always in a pot.
I figured I'd try it in the ground this year.

How's about some pulled back shots?

The mixed pot with the peachy Primula in it is so pretty.

Pulled back from the other direction.

Have you guessed what the other plant is, that I initially walked out to photograph?

It's SO pretty.
I've had it for several years now and can't for the life of me remember where I bought it or what it's called.
Well, I know it's a Phlox, but I don't know which one.
I love her.

I'll finish up this, already long, post with photos of the shady spot.

Did you spy my new watering can?
I bought it from Loree (Danger Garden) at the Blogger's Bizarre.
It already had holes punched in the bottom, so I didn't feel bad planting it.
The Caladium is called 'Fire Chief'.
I had never seen one with waxy leaves like a Begonia.

A couple of my hose guides are peekin' out in the pulled back photos.

And last, I stuck Coleus in my fallin' apart pot this year, instead of the usual Impatiens.

That's all she wrote.


  1. Love it all. I had to laugh because I saw the photos of the tall purple phlox, and thought what...what....that is beautiful and I don't remember seeing it in any of the earlier posts. I kept thinking why is she not mentioning it. Then you finally said do you spot the plant I came out to take a picture of. lol Is that a new hosta? The small one. It looks like the one I got this year called "June" Kinda of funny, I got the same watering can last week from my Mom. She had 3 of them and knew I wanted one so much so she surprised me and gave me one. So happy you have some glads. I planted some last year for the 1st time and I loved them. I bought more this year too. I have to dig them all up in the Fall. They would never survive our winters here in Ohio. I love those red cuphea flowers. I will have to get some! It ALL looks adorable.

  2. Very cool watering can! Great find. Your garden is stunning. You should be wearing your grandma garden badge with great pride. I've been shooting on manual for awhile now because I got tired of all the crap shots I got in the auto modes. It was a huge improvement.

  3. I think changing the setting on your camera has made a difference. Your photos have always been good but now they're more realistic and just outstanding. I pinned several of them. Those hostas are to die for and those phlox and that sweet painted rock and that watering can and that chair and that faucet.. wow. I love it all. I am very jealous of your gladiolus. I haven't seen hide nor hair of any of mine. I think I might go dig them up and plant them in pots. At least that way I can keep track of them. I have too many sedums too. I love their texture and how the bees go nuts over them but shoot. There is only so much room. Great post!

  4. LOVE everything! Especially the pulled back photos of your garden. It seriously doesn't look like a city garden. It looks like a nursery! It's gorgeous, Mindy!
    I spied pansies in your window boxes . . . so jealous!
    Oh! My hostas have doubled in size since I bought them! WOOHOO! They're a new plant to me, so I wasn't sure if they'd make it in my climate, but they're doing great.
    I photograph in Manual 98% of the time. I like the control that I have!! I can see a difference in your photos in this post. Don't hesitate to open in them in Picture Manager and lighten the midtones, and then watch the magic unfold :0)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Your front yard is stunning, dear heart..I love your brick path...and those tomatoes look so good.
    Beautiful gardener you are.

  6. Wow to the Cuphea! And you still have primula blooming - wow again! I really like your pulled back shots Mindy - there is so much to see in your garden.

  7. That purple phlox is gorgeous! And I like your chair planter. Usually you see wooden chairs used, but I have to say I like this metal one better. The lines of the chair are light and delicate. I am not a glad fan, but I have to say that the ones you have grown are just lovely.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! The Glads have definitely grown on me this year. I'm officially on board. :)

  8. Love the phlox! Have you ever saved seeds from your zinnias. They are so easy to start from seed. I'm starting a cutting garden with the Zinnias. So that I can enjoy then indoors and out. I save mine every year and originally got them from a strip mall when they were all dry. Just picked off a few different colored dried up heads and have more than I'll ever need.

    1. Thank you, Margaret, and yes, I have saved zinnia seeds in the past. These actually were started with seeds that we had leftover from our wedding favors. They had been in the freezer for ELEVEN years!!!! ;)

  9. i think your phlox might be "blue paradise," which is my favorite of the ones i have. depending on the time of day and how the light hits it, the blooms can look either more blue or more purple. your pix show that, too, i think. --suz in ohio

    1. Oooh, great, thank you so much! I'll have to keep an eye out for that name next year so I can snag one for my mom. :)

  10. Over from Thrifty Décor Chick. Absolutely beautiful garden!


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